Top 10 Biggest & Popular & Profitable Blockchain Companies Worldwide


World’s largest, most famous, and most beneficial Blockchain Companies in the world

Blockchain technology might be of interest to you. Are you trying to find the top businesses there?

You might be a technology executive or developer looking to join a reputable best blockchain business. Any cause could exist for wanting to learn more about the leading best blockchain companies.

Your search will be over after reading this article.

Even though Blockchain is a relatively new technology, many people are motivated to make use of it because it is so popular. Not only the financial sector but also other important industries like the media, airlines, and even government parastatals are being transformed by this phenomenon.

Before we look at the solutions, let’s define blockchain because there have been a lot of doubts raised about it.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized technological system in which the transactions conducted in digital currencies are recorded and preserved in numerous computers that are connected to each other. You may have heard of blockchain in relation to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it is actually more than that.

It is a growing collection of records known as blocks that are connected to cryptography and serve as a distributed ledger. It is controlled by a peer-to-peer network and is connected to a protocol for inter-node communication and the creation of new blocks.

How Did the Blockchain Develop?

The best Blockchain Development Companies
The best Blockchain Development Companies

Even before it was employed in cryptocurrencies, the notion of blockchain was well-established in computer science. Ralph Merkle patented the hash tree, often known as the Merkle tree, as the first iteration of the blockchain in 1979. It worked by processing and verifying data transfers between computer systems.

A “secured chain of blocks” containing various data that were connected in a chain, one after the other, was established in 1991 using the Merkle tree. The history of the entire chain will be contained in the most recent record in the chain, and this is how blockchain was created.

A group of individuals going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto developed a distributed Blockchain idea in 2008. This blockchain would have a secure history of data exchanges. It may be maintained freely without a central authority and uses a peer-to-peer network to time stamp and authenticate exchange transactions.

Bitcoin is the peer-to-peer version of this electronic money, and it is from this that the blockchain as we know it today was created.

List of Top 10 Biggest & Popular & Profitable best Blockchain Companies Worldwide:

The most well-known Blockchain Technology Companies and service providers offering Blockchain Services are listed below.

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Ripple Labs Inc.
  3. LeewayHertz
  4. Blockchangers
  5. Techracers
  6. ChromaWay
  7. OpenLedger
  8. Ezetech
  9. Limechain
  10. Chain
  11. Intellectsoft

10+ Smart Contract Development Companies in the USA

Details on the world’s largest, most famous, and most beneficial blockchain companies

1.     ScienceSoft: Blockchain development Firm

Since 1989, ScienceSoft has worked in the IT sector and has proven to be an expert in blockchain development. ScienceSoft works with non-IT businesses and software product companies to design and develop a variety of blockchain solutions, including private and public blockchain networks, dApps, smart contracts, cryptocurrency tokens, wallets, and platforms for asset tokenization, STO issuance, DAOs, and more.

The company’s more than 450 software professionals have used all Graphene, Parity Substrate, EOSIO, Polkadot, Solana, and other well-known Blockchain frameworks in the development of blockchain solutions. The developers at ScienceSoft have experience in more than 30 different sectors, including BFSI, retail & wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecoms.

Complete peer-to-peer market systems, such as decentralized e-commerce marketplaces, NFT marketplaces, DeFi financing platforms, crypto-asset exchange platforms, and more are all included in ScienceSoft’s comprehensive blockchain solutions.

Beyond custom programming, ScienceSoft’s blockchain service offering includes:

  • Blockchain advisory
  • Services for Blockchain Integration
  • Blockchain QA and testing
  • Software development and support for blockchains.

Depending on the type of best blockchain service requested, the company offers a variety of cooperation models and adjustable pricing alternatives.

ScienceSoft offers a sophisticated quality management system and maintains the security of the client data they access as an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified business.

  • Headquarters: Texas’s McKinney offices serve as representation in the EU and the UAE. Employees of the company are prepared for site visits.
  • Employees: over 700
  • $30 M in Annual Estimated Revenue

2.     Ripple Labs Inc.: A Blockchain development company

The Ripple protocol and exchange platform were created by this American fintech startup, which was started by Brad Garlinghouse in 2012, and they offer cross-border payment solutions using the best Blockchain technology. The decentralized financial technologies offered by Ripple provide a seamless cross-border payment processing experience.

Banks and other financial service providers can connect with one another directly without the use of an intermediary thanks to Ripple’s real-time payment mechanism. Through their worldwide payment system RippleNet, they link banks, other financial service providers, and international trade groups.

Banks are able to track their end-to-end transactions thanks to the Ripple corporate software package xCurrent. By employing its token XRP as a bridge between currencies to enable cross-border transactions, its xRapid enables banks to address liquidity difficulties.

Another financial tool created by Ripple, xVia, allows companies to transmit payments using RippleNet.

With offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney, India, Brazil, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom, Ripple has a $93.6 million fundraising round.

  • Headquarters: USA, California, San Francisco
  • Employees: In addition to 150 workers, it includes six key members of its management team, including the CEO.
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $1 billion. The sales generated by Ripple and its subsidiary XRP II, LLC in 2018 totaled $65.27 million and $98.06 million, respectively, according to the sales summary graphic.

3.     LeewayHertz: A Blockchain company to invest in

It is the best Blockchain business with a focus on developing the best Blockchain applications for start-ups and large corporations. This multi-award-winning software development company has developed a number of digital platforms for the cloud, mobile, best Blockchain, and IoT since its foundation in 2007.

Its services include software development, Hedra hashgraph advice, and ICO and STO launch assistance. Additionally, they have developed expertise in dApps, smart contracts, and blockchain development using a separate framework.

  • Headquarters: American city of San Francisco. There are other offices in Gurgaon, India, and Lake Forest, Illinois.
  • Number of Employees: 250
  • Estimated Annual Revenue: $1 Million.

4.     Blockchangers: A Top Smart Contract Development Company

This Norwegian organization was established in 2015 to assist consumers in comprehending and utilizing blockchain technology. They collaborate with both public and private entities to define the future of blockchain as they work to promote it.

Blockchangers, whose clients include DNB Bank, PwC, Lyse, Datatilsynet, Trigger, Kantega, and many more, organize Oslo Blockchain Day, the largest blockchain conference in Northern Europe.

Additionally, they provide consultation, front-end services, best blockchain software development, seminars, workshops, and other services.

  • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway.
  • Number of Employees: 6
  • Estimated Revenue: 1-5 MNOK.

5.     Techracers: A Blockchain Platform Company

Deqode is now the new name for Techracers. For the purpose of resolving challenging issues, Deqode offers blockchain solutions to enterprises. Businesses will be assisted in streamlining their operations and promoting expansion.

Blockchain, DLT, software development, consulting, cryptocurrency, and application are areas where Deqode is an expert. It offers businesses, startups, and laboratory solutions.

  • Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Number of Employees: 51 to 200
  • Estimated Revenue: $10 M

6.     ChromaWay: The Best Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

This blockchain development business was founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a blockchain platform that collaborates with both the public and private sectors to create decentralized blockchain applications, primarily for the real estate and finance sectors.

Building the Green Asset Wallet, a platform that connects green investors with possible investment possibilities, was one of their key accomplishments. The goals of the Paris Climate Agreement have been achieved in part thanks to this campaign.

They introduced postchain, a distributed database management solution with distributed control, with the main service focus being on blockchain as a database.

Their offerings include tokenization, consortium databases, digital currencies, and blockchain development.

  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Employees: 13
  • Estimated Revenue: $2 Million

7.     OpenLedger: A Blockchain Consulting Company

This business develops cutting-edge blockchain products and solutions in collaboration with customers around the world. They may use it to expand their operations and save money by using a blockchain solution that is already in place. Based on cutting-edge decentralized networks that have the power to completely alter industries, it develops new business solutions for clients.

In 2014, Ronny Boesing started this Danish blockchain business. Graphene, Bitshare, and HyperLedger are just a few of the platforms it uses to provide blockchain development services. Such as ICO Escrow, ICO Advisory, ICO Tech Support, ICO Marketing, and PR are ICO/ITO services.

  • Headquarters: Denmark. It is also located in Belarus.
  • Employees: 60
  • Estimated Revenue: $1.6 Million

8.     Ezetech: The best Blockchain Software Development Company

Ezetech, a web development, and technology firm founded in 2015 works with non-technical companies to set up blockchain initiatives.

It provides non-technical business owners in New York with IT consultancy and assists them in resolving technical issues. They achieve this by working with startups and early-stage companies to develop minimal viable products (MVP) that serve as the basis for iteration.

They offer hiring services, tech consultation, MVP creation, and web development.

  • Headquarters: New York, USA.
  • Employees: 35
  • Estimated Revenue: $2.6 Million

9.     Limechain: Best Blockchain Developer Company

A blockchain development company called Limechain specializes in developing blockchain solutions for both emerging companies and well-established organizations. Four friends started this business, which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, in November 2017. Their goal was to launch the local and global development of blockchain.

Large corporations including Arxum, Vaultitude, LockTrip, Propy, and Iris.Ai are among its list of clients. They offer blockchain development, smart contracts, crowdsales, and initial coin offerings.

  • Headquarters: Bulgaria
  • Employees: 50
  • Estimated Revenue: $1.7 Million

10. Chain

Launched in 2014, Chain is a blockchain development startup. It specializes in creating cryptographic ledger systems for businesses that provide financial services. The US-based company uses blockchain-based solutions to help banks, stock exchanges, and credit card businesses manage, trade, and secure their financial assets.

Large financial institutions like Citigroup, Visa, Capital One, Nasdaq, Orange, Fiserv, and RRE Ventures are partners with the chain.

For safe token transactions, they developed sequence ledger-as-a-service, which integrates the private ledger and public networks. It can be applied to ride-sharing applications, mobile wallets, and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. TxVM, a virtual transaction machine, is an additional one.

The creation of blockchain, cryptography, payment systems, distributed systems; ledger technology, etc. are some of its additional services.

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  • Employee: 40
  • Estimated Revenue: $4 Million

11. Intellectsoft

Initially focused on creating mobile apps, Intellectsoft has transformed over time into a provider of software solutions. It debuted that year. They offer consulting services and custom software development in cutting-edge fields including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the internet of things, etc.

They are creative and help clients that wish to use the blockchain distributed ledger and smart contract protocol to safeguard company tech products.

Since the beginning of the app’s development in 2007, it has partnered with Fortune 500 organizations and renowned international brands including Nestle, Jaguar, Eurostar, Ernst & Young. They were one of the top blockchain startups in 2018 thanks to their inventive work.

Their offerings include corporate transformation, blockchain consultancy, and app development.

  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, USA.
  • Employee: 350
  • Estimated Revenue: $12.2 Million


Since the blockchain technology sector is continuously growing, new businesses are always emerging. The top blockchain businesses to seek if you want to use their services are listed in the list above.


Who develops smart contracts?

Nick Szabo, who created the phrase, first advocated smart contracts in the early 1990s, defining them as “a set of promises, stated in digital form, including protocols within which the parties fulfill on these promises.”

Which companies use Blockchain technology?

Among the 27 businesses having active blockchain operations are Microsoft, Amazon, Tencent, Nvidia, J.P. Morgan, Walmart, Alibaba, PayPal, Samsung, and the Bank of China.

Which is the most popular Blockchain?

Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC), the original cryptocurrency, is also the most well-known and valuable one, despite experiencing considerable volatility throughout its history. Although experts think it is still too unpredictable to be utilized as a digital payment system, bitcoin was once intended to be one.


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