10+ Web3 Development Companies in New Jersey, Texas, California, USA


Looking for Web3 Development Companies in New Jersey, Texas, California, USA ?

It takes time to find the best web3 firms and top companies to help your business grow. However, making an effort to instill that adrenaline rush of expansion into your company is worthwhile.

This topic is for you if you don’t know where to begin your search. It is a list of companies that provide web3 services. Let’s get started and go through the list right away.

List of Web3 Companies in California & New Jersey, USA

  • Codezeros
  • Webclues InfoTech
  • Simform
  • Solulab
  • LeewayHertz
  • Clavax
  • Neebal
  • Unicsoft
  • Idealogic
  • Aspired

Details of tech companies in California& New Jersey, USA

1. Codezeros– one of the top company in USA

Codezeroes has recently emerged as one of California’s top web3 development firms. The firm is a forerunner in blockchain-based solutions. Among their notable projects are “The Fridge,” “Donut Swap,” “Refid Gold,” and others. The company offers a variety of services, including exclusive work on unique ideas. This includes the following:

It provides cutting-edge blockchain solutions by using Ethereum as the primary framework. So, if this is what you’re looking for, Codezeros is unquestionably a good option.

2. Webclues InfoTech– a top IT company USA

Webclues Infotech, another Web3 company, prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. With over a decade of experience, the company has become a well-known name in the blockchain development industry. The company, based in California, has no boundaries when it comes to services. It provides first-rate services such as:

  • Blockchain Game Development
  • Mobile application development
  • CMS & Ecommerce development 
  • UI/UX development
  • Custom services and more.

The company has successfully launched commercial projects such as “EduPlayCloud,” “Reach Expansion,” and others.

3. Simform– the best gaming company in the US

Simform is a web3 industry dark horse that focuses on agility and speed. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. In terms of services, the company is not a new name, but rather a master of web3 services. It provides a variety of services to its global clients. It offers the following services:

  • Blockchain development for the sections like finance and logistics. 
  • Smart contracts 
  • Digital identity and more  

Simform offers smart templates, web interfaces, and other online solutions to simplify smart contract structuring and other web3 solutions for businesses.

4. Solulab– top software company in California

If your company requires software, blockchain solutions, and smart technology, Solulab has it all. The company is a global leader in blockchain product development. It builds the entire supporting infrastructure required for any Web 3.0 solution to shape the ideal world for web3 growth. It enables any startup, enterprise, or industry to implement secure, decentralized, and blockchain solutions. Its services include the following:

  • Blockchain development
  • NFT development
  • Metaverse development
  • Crypto wallet creation and more. 

The company is the best option for any company that needs a wide range of blockchain development services as well as more transparent, efficient, and automated versions of their operations.

5. LeewayHertz– A technology related company in California

LeewayHertz is one of the best web3 development companies for bringing custom solutions for DAOs and enterprises, enabling innovation and rapid development. During its 14 years in the industry, the company has built a strong portfolio that includes services such as:

  • NFT development 
  • Dapps solutions 
  • Blockchain development 
  • Software development
  • Software consulting and more. 

Leeway Hertz’s major clients are in the finance, logistics, education, and other sectors. It has deployed over 100 enterprise-grade solutions, which are used by millions of users worldwide.

6. Clavax– A startup company in California

Clavax propels technology-driven business breakthroughs by leveraging solutions across multiple industries and businesses. The company has a large client base and an amazing portfolio that you should definitely look into. The variety of services it provides for web3 enthusiasts.

  • Blockchain development.
  • NFT development.
  • ICO configuration.
  • DAAPs.
  • Web3 e-commerce solutions.
  • Public and private blockchain.

Several projects presented in this portfolio have been successfully completed by the company.

7. Neebal– A top big tech company in Texas

Neebal is having a decade of experience in developing innovative, robust, and scalable technology solutions. The company is working on an innovation-led strategy to help businesses focus on growth. Neebal offers its clients smart and quick service solutions such as:

  • NFT development
  • Blockchain development 
  • IoT consulting 
  • Multisoft integration and more. 

Neebal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2010, assists clients in selecting the “correct technology” at all times – even if it requires custom development. It is an award-winning technology consulting organization with over a decade of experience designing, developing, and implementing outcome-oriented solutions due to its client-oriented services and environment.

8. Unicsoft– the largest company in California

Unicsoft provides one-of-a-kind web3 services to assist fair economies established on public or private blockchains, as well as their NFTs and other services. It provides the following services:

  • Game development
  • NFT development
  • Crypto wallets and online payments

Unicsoft’s clients can work with a dozen of the most well-known blockchain networks because the company has mastered development skills and is familiar with practically every company’s environment.

Exploring technology, the company is now known as one of the best web3 companies in the United States. However, the company has a presence in countries such as Australia, Singapore, the United States, and others around the world.

9. Idealogic-best technology companies in the USA

Idealogic helps organizations of all sizes benefit from our technical expertise and global experience. By becoming an Idealogic partner, any business can take on new business challenges, expand skills, and increase profit margins. It offers web3 services such as-

  • Defi Implementation
  • NFT and metaverse creation 
  • Tokenization 
  • Web3 supply chain development 
  • Rollups development and more. 

In the industry, the company has deployed several custom solutions such as “Health Life,” “Scaraps,” “U-beat,” and others. It is worthwhile to spend time looking through companies’ stunning portfolios to learn more about the projects.

10. Aspired– A top new tech company

Aspired offers businesses a new way to engage tech experts and take a cost-effective path to quick product development. With hands-on experience on multiple blockchains, the company provides a wide range of services.

  • Cryptocurrency Creation
  • Universal wallet development
  • Multichain development 
  • Smart Contract creation 
  • Exchange apps and more. 

Aspired is a fantastic development platform for recruiting remote personnel on demand, thanks to its competent pool of engineers, SQAs, programmers, game developers, and blockchain developers.

Other best web3 technology development companies

  • Envision Blockchain Solutions 
  • RisingMax 
  • Wyre
  • Quytech 
  • Oyelabs 
  • DxMinds Technologies

Conclusion- Here in this article, we describe 10+ Web3 Development Companies in New Jersey, Texas, California, and USA. It takes time to find the best web3 firms and top companies to help your business grow. We create a list of top 10+ best companies. If our viewers have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below.


How many Web3 firms are there?

There will be 150 popular web3 companies in the world by 2022.

Which is the most well-known web3 company in the United States?

Decentraland and Axie Infinity are two of the most well-known web3 companies in the United States.


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