Top Software Development Companies in Canada


The process of conceiving, defining, programming, designing, documenting, programming, testing, and bug-fixing that goes into frameworks, building and maintaining applications, or other software components, is known as software development.

Software development entails developing and maintaining source code. Still, it also encompasses all the steps from the conception of the desired software through its final manifestation, often planned and organized. Research, new development, prototyping, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, modification, and other activities resulting in software products are also included in software development.

Computer programs are created, designed, and built by software developers. Some create brand-new desktop or mobile programs, while others develop the core operating systems.

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Detail of 10 Top Software Development Companies in Canada

Software development companies in Canada
Software development companies in Canada
  • Shopify: The most significant and recent addition to Canada’s top software firms list. The smallest publicly traded Canadian firm in any industry, this little Ottawa-based startup shot to the top of Canada’s expanding e-commerce market after its founding in 2006. A commercial platform called Shopify is used to create and manage online businesses, making it simple for people to sell their goods on the internet. More than a million companies will use Shopify for online sales by 2020.
  • Constellation Software Inc.: With projected 2020 revenues of nearly $4 billion, Constellation Software has a $46.5 billion market value. It conducts business globally and provides a variety of public and private sector industries with its industry-leading software and services. CSU is the ticker symbol for the shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Constellation Software was founded in 1995 to build a portfolio of software companies having the potential to dominate their respective markets. The company has increased and built a network of businesses serving a sizable and diverse customer base through acquisitions and organic expansion. Constellation operates in more than 30 countries and offers services to over 30,000 customers. The corporation employs more than 25,000 people and has offices across five continents.
  • CGI Inc.: CGI Inc. is an information technology firm based in Montreal, Quebec, that engages in system integration, consulting, and outsourcing. Although it isn’t a software company, it offers various goods, such as secure cloud computing intended to facilitate sharing of knowledge and data.
  • OpenText Corporation: Another top Canadian software company is OpenText Corporation, with a $14 billion market value. The Ontario-based business develops and markets enterprise information management (EIM) software solutions to major corporations across various industries. OpenText software systems handle content or unstructured data for many governance and monetization requirements for large businesses, professional service firms, and government agencies.

Bespoke software

Bespoke software is developed specifically for a user and is sometimes called tailored or custom software. These software solutions are created and tailored specifically to meet your needs, much like a custom suit.

Bespoke software is created specifically for you and will therefore satisfy all of your business demands. You won’t need to alter your present workflow to use these customized solutions because they were created. An old English word with roots in the apparel sector is “bespoke.” A wealthy man was said to have a bespoke suit if he could afford a custom suit explicitly fashioned to his measurements instead of a case created from standard patterns.

Bespoke software is specially designed or created. Custom software has an advantage over off-the-shelf software because it can be mainly made to meet important corporate or governmental goals.

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Offshore software

Offshore software development occurs when a business establishes a new office in another nation called an offshore development center and hires a specialized software development team. Similar to your local group, they are permanent personnel, but they are headquartered overseas.

Offshore Software Development Advantages

Choosing between developing software internally and working with an offshore partner is difficult. But outsourcing software development makes sense from a business perspective given its advantages.

  • Lower price: Maintaining an in-house IT workforce with knowledge of the newest technology is difficult and expensive. By outsourcing your software development, you can avoid spending money on IT infrastructure and time on hiring, training, and staffing.
  • Access to a large talent pool: Through offshore development, you can access a sizable collection of experienced and knowledgeable software engineers with years of experience creating software applications of high caliber and standards worldwide. Additionally, the offshore partner knows the difficulties because they have worked on international bespoke software development projects for other clients.
  • Quicker time to market: You can be sure that qualified individuals are working around the clock to create high-quality software when each project has a dedicated team. You may not only complete your task more quickly, but you can also guarantee that your product will hit the market sooner. Additionally, an outside team can provide fresh perspectives to enhance existing business procedures, enabling you to take advantage of innovation and creativity at every stage of the software lifecycle.
  • More time to concentrate on essential business tasks: By using offshore software development, you can focus more on your primary business plan without worrying about overseeing the intricate and time-consuming software development process. It frees your business to concentrate on its core competencies without worrying about managing and running a software development department.

Fullstack software

Full-stack developers work on both the front and back end of web development, which refers to the full depth of a computer system program. Everything a client, or site visitor, can see and interact with is included in the front end.


In addition to maple syrup and hockey, Canada is home to some of the top software firms in the world. In reality, it is one of the leading nations for software development, and Canada’s most prominent businesses are found in this industry.

OpenText Corporation, CGI Inc., Constellation Software Inc., Descartes Systems Group Inc., and Shopify are five of the most prominent Canadian software firms. Shopify is not just the most significant software firm in Canada but is currently the most valuable publicly traded corporation in the nation.

Although comparing these businesses is not an apples-to-apples comparison because each has a unique business profile and uses a different business model, they are all among the top players in their respective software-related industries.


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