Top 10 Prominent SEO Agencies In Manchester, UK


Looking for the best SEO agency in Manchester, UK?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO,) is the spine of any website, it doesn’t matter which kind of website it is. SEO is essential not only for blogs but also for e-commerce websites.

Many business managers or even individuals have busy schedules so they can’t work on it. Here comes the SEO Agencies to save you!

Why hassle when SEO experts are ready to work for your business? In this article, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Prominent SEO Agencies In Manchester, UK.

List of 10 top SEO Agencies In Manchester, United kingdom

top SEO Agencies In Manchester
Top SEO Agencies In Manchester
  • CandidSky
  • SEOReq
  • Red Cow Media
  • Embryo Digital
  • Fly High Media
  • Net Sixty Six
  • Made By Factory
  • Tecmark
  • Mechanised
  • Custard

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Detail of 10 the best SEO Agencies In Manchester, UK

#1. CandidSky: A seo agency uk

CandidSky wins the first position. With Google Eating of 5.0 over 26 Google reviews and a rating of 4.7 by Glassdoor reviews.

CandidSky delivers not only Local SEO management but also e-commerce SEO, and content marketing services. They confide in relevancy, technology, and power to boost your business revenues drastically.

Furthermore, It has also earned plenty of rewards, such as Big Chip Winner, Northern Digital Awards Winner, and Prolific North Awards Winner SEO agency in Manchester, UK.

Candid sky delivers a lot of SEO facilities, including Technical SEO audit, Competitor analysis, On-page SEO optimization and

Keyword research and ideation are the most popular. Besides, Link development services, Regular SEO optimization, and reporting are also on-trend.

#2. SEOReq: the Best seo services uk

SEOReq sweats in empowering SEO services such as e-commerce SEO, web marketing, Local SEO optimization services, content marketing, and eCommerce SEO to produce more sales and boost your business perception on Google.

SEOReq gets Rated 5.0 from 3 Google reviews, and 3.6 by Glassdoor reviews. Likewise, it is also capable of providing tons of SEO services.

SEOReq transmits a lot of SEO facilities, amongst which Backlink Optimization, Technical SEO, Press Release, Page Speed Optimization, and SEO audit are vastly used.

#3. Red Cow Media: one of top seo company in the uk

With a combination of pure SEO services, Red Cow Media is also a leading SEO agency in Manchester, UK. It got a 4.3 rating from a total of 18 Google reviews, and a 5.0 rating from Glassdoor reviews.

Red Cow Media has been awarded distinct awards and recognitions together with Best Digital Marketing Agency by CV Magazine Awards, Best Digital and Creative Business BY Manchester Cathedral, Shopify Partner, and Google Partner.

Mobile SEO, White Label SEO, and Rich Snippets are the unique features of Red Cow Media. Plus, it also proposes many services including Local SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, SEO Audit, On-Page SEO Changes, Schema Markup, Link Strategy building services, SEO Reportings, SEO UX Mx Content Strategy

#4. Embryo Digital:

One of the experienced SEO Agencies, Embryo Digital has ranked numerous businesses in various persistence like Home, Fashion, and Voyage.

They’re professionals in submitting SEO and content marketing services. Embryo Digital also has partnerships with prime brands like Google, Databox, and Mailchimp.

Embryo Digital has won ratings of 4.9 from 54 Google reviews. Conclusively, SEO services by Embryo Digital are Keywords Research, SEO Campaigns Strategy, SEO Tracking and Reporting, SEO Audits, and Technical Website SEO.

#5. Fly High Media: seo agency manchester

With ratings of 5.0 in Google Reviews, Fly High Media provides all of the services that are going to be needed to boost your sales.

Among the Local SEO, it delivers services like  Keywords Research & Density checker, Page Load Speed Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, and more.

On the other hand, they also provide Mobile SEO, HTTPS Implementation, Off-Page, SEO, Website Structure and Content Marketing,

Fly High Media is trusted by multiple clients throughout the United Kingdom encompassing the University of Portsmouth. As they also have partnered with Mailchimp, Cheshire Phoenix, and Manchester Digital.

#6. Net Sixty Six: Top seo consultant uk

With ratings of over 4.8 from 104 Google reviews, Net Sixty Six is additionally the emperor of experience and knowledge.

Net Sixty Six prevails as Manchester’s leading SEO agency. Over the decades of expertise of nearly 16 years in Search Engine Optimisation. Think about how long it is to fulfilling SEO services to distinct clients.

Their SEO services involve Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and website content writing such as SEO Auditing, Keywords Research, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, etc.

#7. Made By Factory: Best seo marketing agency uk

Here arrives a competent and experienced agency. With the expertise of over 8 years in furnishing SEO optimization services to diverse businesses, Made By Factory could be identified as a leading SEO agency in Manchester, UK.

Made by Factory is partnered with Google. It is the agency that retains satisfying services to different clients comprising The Electricianz, Movado, and Best Western.

Some of the prime SEO services devoted by Made by Factory are On-Page SEO Fixes, Meta Tag Suggestions, Keywords Research, SEO Strategy, Page Speed Optimization and SEO Reports.

#8. Tecmark: one of the top uk seo consultant

Tecmark is one of the high performing and result-driven SEO agencies in Manchester, the UK. With a decade of expertise in fulfilling the SEO needs of businesses and providing services to clients.

Reputed companies including Sony, Travel Bag, and Sainbury’s are also their clients. Tecmark offers plenty of unique search-related services like eCommerce SEO, Technical SEO, and YouTube SEO services.

Furthermore, they also deliver services like On-Page SEO, Link Building, Website Speed Optimization, URL Structure services, and WordPress SEO.

#9. Mechanised: best seo company uk

Mechanised is a productive SEO agency in Manchester, UK. They established many result-oriented SEO techniques for your business website. With decades of expertise, they offer Local SEO as well as Ecommerce SEO. Mechanised furnishes every service as per your desire to thrive your business.

They formulate many businesses and submit services like Content Creation, Keywords Research, Technical SEO, Link Profile Analysis, In-Depth SEO Audits, Competitors Analysis, and SEO Performance Reports.

#10. Custard: A professional seo services uk

Custard holds a decent 10 years of expertise and knowledge in providing SEO services. They provide services to all large, medium, and small businesses.

Despite this, they also offer International SEO, Local SEO, and E-commerce SEO services to a huge spectrum of businesses. The custard was also awarded the UK Search Awards 2020 and the Northern Digital Awards 2020.

The services include Website Analysis, SEO Content Creation, Technical SEO Recommendations, Website UX and UI Fixes,

Google Penalty Removal and Keywords Research & Optimization.


As most of the Manchester industries are gaining enormous grip online, it creates a significance to invest in a good SEO agency in Manchester to stimulate exposure.

As SEO algorithms shift frequently, you will require the best SEO agency in Manchester that could help you against the odds and provide the conversion of your business revenues.

Nonetheless, this is distinct from most SEO ranking records you’ll discover out there. While most Manchester SEO agency rankings are subjective.


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