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With the continual growth in demand for heavy equipment in Saudi Arabia, the heavy machinery market is said to have captured the lion’s share of the entire heavy equipment market sector. While discussing the top 10 heavy Industrial equipment suppliers (manufacturers) in Saudi Arabia, let’s have a look at the top 10 dealers in Saudi Arabia. Buyers can depend on these vendors to provide the greatest offers.

List of Industrial equipment suppliers :

Industrial equipment suppliers in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Industrial equipment suppliers in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (KSA)

• Zahid Tractor
• Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company
• Saudi Diesel Equipment Company
• Diesel Machinery Company Ltd.
• Al Furij Cars & Heavy Equipment & trucks
• Zaam International Trading Co.
• Zulfa & Partners Industry Co. Ltd
• Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co.Ltd
• TOBAL Construction & Fabrication Co

Details for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

1. Zahid Tractor

It is the No. 1 industrial equipment supplier (company) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Zahid Tractor Company was started in 1967. Zahid Tractor is an important part of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure development. Zahid Tractor has evolved into three primary business segments throughout the years: construction machinery, commercial vehicles, and rental.

Equipment: Zahid has delivered Caterpillar machinery and equipment to both the commercial and public sectors in the Kingdom. They provide services to a wide range of industries, including building and infrastructure, industrial, logistics and warehousing, agricultural, transportation, petroleum, mining and quarrying, and aggregates.

They are based in Saudi Arabia and give an exceptional service while continuing to invest in people, facilities, and cutting-edge technology. They sell rent, and service new and used Cat equipment, generators, irrigation engines, and forklifts. They also work with a variety of companies, including UD Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Terex, Marini, JLG, and many others.

Caterpillar’s history of profound industry understanding and cutting-edge technology is shared with Zahid Tractors. Build unique products for every industry, from mining to construction to marine, by listening to clients and concentrating on their demands. Zahid Tractor offers quality goods as well as unique and distinguishing services that contribute to their clients’ long-term success.

Total Revenue: $741 Million

2. Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company

Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company is one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2006 in Saudi Arabia. They hire 450 Employees. Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company is an acronym for Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company. Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company is a distributor of construction instruments for many international contracting and Oil and Gas companies involved in mega-projects in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries. It is known to have supplied equipment to major Aramco contractors in mega-projects.

Equipment: They are the only distributors for LiuGong Machinery, Boge Air Systems, Sinotruk Oilfield vehicles, Zowell Electric Stacker, and a variety of other brands.

They place the customer at the center of their attention by employing a proactive approach of consultation, cooperation, and partnership. As the future of the construction equipment industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the service support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist and respond to all of the customers’ demands.

Total Revenue: $87.49 million in sales (USD).

3. Saudi Diesel Equipment Company

Saudi Diesel Equipment Company was established in 1978. Saudi Diesel Equipment Company is a subsidiary of the Abduljawad Group, which also owns Universal Motor Agencies, Barwell Shipping, PLC Arabia, and Saudi Amana Construction.

Equipment:  Power Specialists: Ready-made or Manufactured Power Generators, Diesel Generators, Manufactured Power Accessories

 2. Construction Equipment: Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Bulldozers, ADTs, Crawler Drill, Attachments, Concrete Pump, Truck Mixer,

Lifting Equipment: Forklifts Brick Cranes, Stick Cranes

As one of the world’s top dealers and distributors of construction equipment, they work with well-known companies such as DOOSAN, EVERDIGM, and others. They provide a diverse choice of equipment to consumers that are interoperable, comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective.

They also provide a comprehensive selection of Everdigm’s efficient and effective boom, line, and trailer concrete pumps. SDEC has established itself as a key participant in the construction equipment industry by supplying high-quality machinery and providing the market with efficient, cost-effective, and easy solutions. It is 3rd Industrial equipment suppliers of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Total revenue: $42.41 million in sales USD

3. Diesel Machinery Co. Ltd

Diesel Machinery Co. Ltd earned a name as the largest heavy equipment manufacturer in Saudi Arabia it was established in 1992. Diesel Machinery Co. Ltd is one of the most well-known and reputable dealers for heavy equipment, industrial equipment, and power generation.

Equipment: Diesel Machinery Co. Ltd. delivers to the region a wide range of high-quality construction machinery developed by XCMG, MEXIMAL, and WEICHAI through technological collaboration and joint ventures with world-renowned construction equipment manufacturers. With extensive market knowledge, DMC provides dependable, best-in-class parts and service support at the local level, supported by a worldwide organization dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

They have outdone themselves in providing comprehensive after-sales services for their brands, including replacement parts and maintenance, as well as customer assistance and training.

4. Al Furij Cars & Heavy Equipment

Al Furij Cars & Heavy Equipment is one of the major traders of new and secondhand trucks and heavy gear in the region.

They are also the leading auctioneers in the Kingdom and the Gulf for surplus vehicles and equipment. Based in Riyadh, they provide their customers with the best new and used trucks and equipment, as well as top quality, pricing, and acceptable standards.

The above-mentioned dealers are the most prominent in Saudi Arabia. Users may purchase many sorts of heavy equipment that are long-lasting, branded, and highly effective for various land development projects.

These building tools are cost-effective and ideal for a variety of applications. It is the largest heavy equipment manufacturer in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Equipment: 1990 Caterpillar 966e Wheel Loaders, 2010 Caterpillar 320d Tracked Excavators, 2012 Jcb 550-170 Telescopic Boom Lifts, 2015 Hyundai 210w-95wheeled Excavators.

5. Zaam International Trading Co.

Zaam International Trading Co. was established in 2010. They hire 16-25 employees. Their main market is the Middle East market. They import several heavy equipments for construction work. Their complete address is Al Ameer Majid Street, Jeddah Western Province, Saudi Arabia

Equipment:  CNC Routers, Cutters, CNC plasma cutter, Spear Parts for CNC Machines, Milling Cutting Engraving Tools, Bits.

Total Revenue: Less than 1 Million USD

6. Zulfa & Partners Industry Co. Ltd

It was established in 2001. Zulfa & Partners Industry Co. Ltd is a used equipment dealer: Ready-to-use equipment – Block Making Machine – Crushers – Plants for Egg Trays. It provides or supply manufacturing and processing machinery. It is situated in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Equipment/service: utilized construction machinery, used machinery reer – Ready Mix, Blocks, Crusher


Companies in the ALRUQEE Group The top Machine Dealers and Traders in Saudi Arabia We, the ALRUQEE GROUP of Companies, are pleased to present ourselves as Saudi Arabia’s leading importers, dealers, and merchants of all types of machinery and accessories. For the full sale of our equipment, we have a large network throughout the country.


Equipment: Industrial Machines, Welding Machines, Bending Machines, Punching Machines, CNC Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines, Robotic Welding Machines

Total Revenue: $6Million

8. Saleh & Abdulaziz Abahsain Co.Ltd

It was established in 1978 in Saudi Arabia. They supply heavy equipment in the Middle East. They recruit total 15 employees. The Branch SALEH & ABDULAZIZ ABAHSAIN CO., LTD. corporate family consists of 5 firms.

Equipment:  JCB, Heli Forklift, JCB Power Products, Tadano Faun Cranes, and other equipment used in construction and heavy industries.

Total Revenue$4.13 million in sales (USD)

9. TOBAL Construction & Fabrication Co

It is the top 10th largest Industrial equipment suppliers in Saudi ArabiaTOBAL Construction & Fabrication Co was started in 1990. Their main market is Africa and the Middle East. TOBAL Construction & Tank Fabrication Co. for Bulk Storage Tank/Silo Projects They are excited to meet you in person to provide fabrication services and fulfill projects. 

Products/ Equipments: Construction & Oil Storage Tanks/silo/fabricator


Here, creates the finest list of the top ten heavy industrial equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia. We created this list based on experience, revenue, and equipment type. Each firm has different equipment like cranes, JCBs, drills, bulldozers, etc. 

Name top 5 heavy Industrial equipment suppliers (manufacturers) in Saudi Arabia?

·       Zahid Tractor 
·       Al Qahtani Vehicle and Machinery Company
·        Saudi Diesel Equipment Company
·       Diesel Machinery Company Ltd.
·       Al Furij Cars & Heavy Equipment & trucks

Name some heavy equipment manufactured by Saudi Arabia companies?

·       Cranes 
·       Bulldozer
·       Power Generator
·       Welding machine 
·       Cutting machine


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