Top 5 the Best Cloud Call Center Software Worldwide 2022 | Best Workforce Management Software for Call Centers


This article is about the top 5 Best Cloud Call Center Software of worldwide. There is a wide variety of excellent call center software available for your company. You should invest in one of the best call center software programs now available on the market if you want assistance with handling incoming calls, outgoing calls, automatic dialing, or recording call center analytics.

It is possible to have a tough time selecting the finest call center software due to the numerous possibilities that are now available. And the option that you finally go with will, to a significant extent, be determined by the requirements of your contact center.

Every company has access to a variety of communication methods, and these methods can be utilized to achieve a variety of business objectives. Call center software is an appropriate piece of technology that can be utilized by organizations in order to harness the many lines of communication.

The software that you use to run your call center is responsible for simplifying the operations that occur on a daily basis at your call center. This, in turn, helps you get the greatest performance possible out of the team of agents that you employ.

It assists in synchronizing the tracking process, controlling both incoming and outgoing calls, and directing all calls to an agent who is most qualified to handle them. In addition to this, it assists in the monitoring and recording of calls for quality control purposes.

List of the best 5 Cloud Call Center Software

  1. Cloud talk
  2. Fresh Caller
  3. Live agent
  4. Just call
  5. Call Hippo

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The following is the detail of the top five Cloud Call Center Software

Top 5 the Best Cloud Call Center Software Worldwide 2022
Top 5 the Best Cloud Call Center Software Worldwide 2022

1.      Cloud talk – The best call center software

Cloud Talk is the best call center solution for contact centers that are hosted in the cloud. It was conceived with the sales and customer service teams in mind. The provision of customer support that is unambiguous, prompt, and of a high standard is the primary objective of this phone software.

Their customer care service, which has received a rating of five stars, is always ready to assist you with any difficulty. Cloud Talk was developed specifically for use by small and medium-sized organizations, to make it simple to set up and manage virtual phone systems from any location around the globe.

They provide more than fifty sophisticated calling options that may make life easier for your customer service and sales employees. You have access to a selection of 140 foreign numbers, and it is simple to link with 30 different business tools in order to better meet your requirements.

Cloud Talk is a contact center management software that is hosted in the cloud and simplifies communication between different members of a team and their customers. In addition to offering customized help for premium customers, monitoring incoming and outgoing calls, recording voicemails and interactions, and managing voicemails are some of its primary functions and features.

The primary function of this system is to handle client calls using an automated call distribution system. Cloud top is capable of being directly linked with other CRM software, which gives customer service representatives access to more information and enables them to more effectively answer problems raised by customers.

Cloud Talk is a service that delivers high-quality voice and music, together with extensive real-time data, an intuitive user interface, and the ability to integrate easily. The technology, which is known as Center Analytics, supplies groups with data in real-time, which enables the groups to track and evaluate the effectiveness of their interactions with customers.

The comprehensive call center features, intelligent call routing, quality statistics, and monitoring tools offered by Cloud Talk are the primary advantages of using this service. Using the advantages of voicemail, companies have the ability to make unique messages and greetings.

Additionally, the system has the capability to divert phone calls or prepare special customized announcements while company hours are not in session. Cloud Talk provides valuable insights by tracking the quality of your customer care through the performance of your contact center, and this information can be accessed through call logs.

You can also obtain a summary of all of your calls by using the core monitoring feature, and you can discover more about the statistics of each agent to determine who the best performers are by using the agent reporting feature.

2.      Freshcaller – free call center software

Fresh caller is the best cloud call Center Software. Setting up a system for fresh cola is not a simple task. Software suitable for contemporary contact centers Fresh Caller is a contact center software that is hosted in the cloud and is designed to provide sales and customer assistance.

It serves as a single center for all of an organization’s activities that are linked to the phone, making it possible for businesses to start their phone operations effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. Because it is a cloud-based phone system, Fresh Caller makes it possible for companies of any size to operate virtual contact centers without having to invest in any additional phone hardware.

Fresh Caller key features include fully customizable voicemails, multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) systems, intelligent escalations, custom call center analytics, call recorders, call monitoring, call conferencing, and unlimited simultaneous calls.

The software is used by thousands of companies. Fresh Caller is an easy-to-use tool that assists you with little to no further learning required on the part of anyone concerned. It is the equivalent of having a solution where your staff does not require training and can instantly begin phoning customers.

With a free agent license plan, you are able to immediately begin employing a fresh caller. You would only be responsible for paying the fees associated with your phone service. The availability of new colors, in conjunction with the fact that companies do not need to make any investments in hardware or install any software, makes it a great choice for firms that are just getting started.

The following are some of their more notable qualities: multi-level interactive voice response (IVR), as well as the capability to create layered IVRs, so that you may provide your callers with a broad selection of alternatives. Configure the flow of your calls in the event that your agents are all engaged or unavailable.

Maintain operation of the globally dispersed call center while adhering to the various time zones using our various routing choices. Call masking allows you to look more local to your consumers, despite the fact that you may be working with a support team that is located in another country.

This may help you build stronger relationships with your clientele. With the help of our live dashboard, Caller monitoring and barging oversight of all of your phone calls are performed in real time.

Make the decision to record the phone interactions you have with your clients. On the website that manages your call log, your recordings will be accessible in perpetuity.

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3.      Live agent – Small business call center software

Utilize a live representative so that you can stay on top of all the consumer requests and questions. LiveAgent claims to offer the quickest chat widget available and counts more than 30,000 users as clients. Live Agent is a cloud-based live chat and helpdesk software that has all of the available features.

The power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, an integrated contact center, and a full customer care site are all at the disposal of Live Agent users. Live Agent is an online live chat platform that is designed for use by e-commerce enterprises that are of a small to medium scale.

Live chat, administration of application tickets, management of license changes, and online self-service portals are some of the features offered by the platform. Every one of them is either part of a suite or a standalone application.

In contrast to a good number of its Rivals the live agent was designed to be straightforward and easy to understand, which results in an application that is simple to pick up, use, and put into action. Users need to be able to acquire mastery of the system in a very short amount of time if all the interface elements can be accessed without much difficulty.

Live Agent provides users with a range of additional choices for managing their client relationships. applications such as marketing and sales force automation developed in collaboration with a range of different third-party software businesses.

It is a scalable, fully customizable system that can accommodate growing client bases and online service offerings of small businesses. The client and the company’s support staff can use chat messages, emails, phone calls, or messages from other communication channels to submit tickets using the software’s ticket management system.

Both web-based and local installs of the software known as Live Agent are available to customers. The on-premises choices employ an upfront pricing approach that is purely dependent on the number of agents, whereas the cloud option uses a pricing strategy that is based on a per-user basis multiplied by the number of agents.

Businesses that wish to integrate customer service via phone, email, and live chat might benefit from using the high-quality helpdesk software known as Live Agent. The free plan comes with an astounding amount of features and can be adequate for smaller companies. Despite the fact that the premium plans are not prohibitively costly.

4.      Just call – Best contact center solutions

JustCall is a best cloud call center software, multi-device phone solution that was created specifically with customer service and sales teams in mind. Just call provides the advantages that come with using a communication system that can handle many call center locations.

Even if your company is managed from a single location and has just one centralized operation, you may still benefit from a cloud-based phone system for your remote sales and support employees by using just call.

This solution works with any device and gives you the ability to acquire a local phone number in one of seventy different countries so that you may start making or receiving calls on a local level. Your sales staff will be more effective as a result of the auto-dialing features, automatically logged call statistics, and increased sales call volumes provided by Just call.

And ultimately achieving higher levels of productivity. Your support staff will be more effective as a result of IVR Smart Call Routing, live call monitoring, and other features. Customers are less likely to be concerned about additional phone charges when they call a business that provides them with a local number because they get the idea that the business is based in their area.

Just Call is a helpful function that enables you to choose and make use of a local phone number in each of the countries in which your company conducts business. Those who wish to service a worldwide client base but don’t want to have to really set up shop on location with a fully functional phone system may find that the software provides a feasible answer to their problem.

A straightforward call may be made over the web by using calls at the most affordable rates that are currently available in your location. The system connects with more than 44 of the most popular customer interaction management (CIM) and helpdesk solutions that are available on the market today.

It also logs calls and messages automatically. Simply take advantage of the local number function. It offers a technique to convey a local presence that is both cost-efficient and effective. Customers will have a greater sense of confidence that your business is actively engaged with the community in which it operates if it provides them with a local phone number to call.

5.      Call Hippo – Best contact center software

Call Hippo is a cloud-based voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) phone system that was created to satisfy the needs of small enterprises and startups in terms of communication. Available in the form of a mobile application in addition to being a web app.

The technology enables the marketing, support, and sales staff to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Call Hippo enables users to share a single phone number and make calls to receivers located in any one of more than 50 countries from a single account.

Businesses are able to purchase virtual phone lines in any one of these countries. The real-time call analytics tool that Call Hippos offers provides information about the calling quality and duration of time for callers, and the call recording feature of Call Hippos automatically records calls and conversations that take place during a campaign so that managers can listen to them from the dashboard.

Hippo is a solution that may be scaled and is offered on a month-to-month subscription basis. Whereby commercial enterprises are only required to make payments based on the total number of active users as well as the total number of virtual phone numbers.

The program provides a platform that is great for small and growing businesses that are wanting to set up sales and support phone numbers so that they can provide their customers with a higher level of service, capitalize on more business prospects, and produce more sales.

Small businesses that have a consumer base that is expanding quickly can benefit greatly from partnering with Coal Hippo. They are able to interact with their customers and speak with them utilizing local phone numbers thanks to the various capabilities that come included with the program.

Call Hippo provides businesses with the ability to acquire local phone numbers in more than 50 countries and assign specific numbers to certain departments with only a few clicks of the mouse.

It is not necessary to have a desktop phone in order for your teams to make full use of the Call Hippo software because of this. Your web browser gives you the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere on the globe.

Through the use of a virtual phone system, not only are you able to interact with current customers and potential consumers, but members of your team and the staff in upper management may also connect with one another. Because of this, there is less resistance and more fluidity in the debate of ideas.

Discussions and cooperative efforts. Hippo becomes an appropriate core management center for all members of the team since all calls and related information such as contact data, call history records, and more consolidated calls are brought under its purview.

The program has a variety of helpful functions, including voice mail, call recording, call forwarding, and call analytics, amongst others.


The industry future team has made the list of top 5 Best Cloud Call Center Software. All top call center phone systems are very useful and can be used for all types of calling the business.


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