Top 10 Steel Manufacturing Companies in World


Largest Steel Producer Worldwide

Iron ore, a naturally occurring mixture of iron, oxygen, and other minerals, is the raw material used to make steel. The blast furnace/basic oxygen furnace route and the electric arc furnace route are the two methods used to mine the raw materials for steelmaking and then turn them into steel. In the steel sector, there are quite a few steel producers who gain popularity by producing steel in big amounts. China now produces the most steel, accounting for 57 percent of global steel output in 2020.

China will generate more than a billion tonnes of steel in 2020, making it the first nation to do so. The global recession caused output to decline in the majority of steel-producing nations in 2008, 2009, 2015, and 2016 respectively. India produced 106.463 million tonnes of crude steel in the calendar year 2018, an increase of 4.94 percent over the calendar year 2017. This production accounted for 8% of Asian and 6% of global crude steel output in the calendar year 2018.

The top 10 steel-producing firms in the world are listed below

  • ArcelorMittal
  • Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
  • Hebei Iron and Steel Group
  • Baosteel
  • Wuhan Iron and Steel Group
  • Posco
  • Jiangsu Shagang
  • Tata Steel Group
  • HYUNDAI Steel Company
  • JFE Steel Corporation

Detail of the 10 best steel manufacturing companies worldwide

1. ArcelorMittal: top stainless steel manufacturer in the world

Steel Manufacturing Companies in World
Steel Manufacturing Companies in World

The headquarters of ArcelorMittal, which has operations in more than 60 nations, are located in Luxembourg’s Avenue de la Liberté. Arcelor and Mittal Steel merged to create it in 2006. Ten percent of the steel in the world is produced by the firm, which employs 232 000 people.

ArcelorMittal primarily supplies it to the construction, automotive, packaging, automobile, and household markets. In total, Europe produces 47% of the world’s steel, followed by the United States (35%), Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and South Africa (18%).

At the start of the merger, this international steel manufacturing company announced 35 transactions across the globe. Investments were announced in Australia, France, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica, Sweden, Venezuela, the US, and the United Arab Emirates as it continued to make investments.

2. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC): the best steel producers Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan

In 2012, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) was created in collaboration with that company. The second-largest supplier of steel in the world is NSSMC. It has about 83 000 employees and operations in 15 countries. For industries like construction, transportation, civil engineering, energy, resources, and railways, this corporation provides steel.

3. Hebei Iron and Steel Group: the largest steel manufacturer in the Shijiazhuang, China

Incorporated in 2008, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Company Limited is a steel producer. The headquarters of this state-owned company is in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the People’s Republic of China. With a capacity of 30 million tonnes of steel annually, HBIS is the biggest steel supplier in China.

According to customer demands, the company primarily manufactures wire rods, cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled steel, bars, hot-rolled plates, five vanadium oxide, galvanized plates, welded pipes, and additional items.

4. Baosteel: the largest steel producer in the world

One of the biggest suppliers of steel in the world is Baosteel. Baosteel Group Corporation, established in 1978, has its corporate headquarters in Pudong, Shanghai, China. It employs 130 401 people and generates steel goods for export to more than 40 nations, including special steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

It provides goods and services for industries like petrochemical, transportation, nuclear power, home appliances, metalworking, energy, machinery manufacturing, electronic instrument manufacturing, and astronautics.

5. Wuhan Iron and Steel Group: The largest steel producer

The People’s Republic of China’s Wuhan, Hubei, is home to the headquarters of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corporation. This business, which was founded in 1958, is referred to as China’s first supergiant steel and iron complex. The company also offers silicon products, cold- and hot-rolled products, plate and profile products, wire rod products, etc.

6. Posco: best custom metal parts manufacturing firm

POSCO, or Pohang Iron and Steel Company, is a common abbreviation. This business, which was founded in 1968, is now among the biggest steel producers in the world.

With its headquarters in Pohang, South Korea, POSCO runs the two biggest steel mills in the world, located in Gwangyang and Pohang, which together produce 33.7 million tonnes of steel annually. Its main products include flat steel, long steel, plates, and wires.

7. Jiangsu Shagang: A sheet metal fabrication manufacturers company

One of the top five Chinese steel producers is Jiangsu Shagang. It was established in 1975. Its product line includes wire rods, hot-rolled coils, rebar, and slabs and it produces over 18 million tonnes of iron annually.

The largest private steel company in China and one of the Superking-sized National Industrial Enterprises is Jiangsu Shagang Group, with its headquarters in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province.

8. Tata Steel Group: A metal parts manufacturing company in Jamshedpur, India

Jamsetji established the Tata Steel Group in 1868. Over 581,470 individuals work for Tata enterprises, which have their headquarters in India. Tata firms’ revenue in 2013–14 was $103.2 billion (about Rs. 624,757 crores), with 67.2 percent of that coming from operations outside of India. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand is the home of the global Indian steel manufacturer Tata Steel Limited, which has its corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It belongs to the Tata Group.

9. HYUNDAI Steel Company: one of the top sheet metal stamping company in the Seoul, South Korea

In 1953, the Hyundai Steel Company was founded as Korea’s first steel manufacturer. By promoting the blast furnace industry as a new economic engine, it cleared the road for sustained growth.

Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd., sometimes known as HSC, is a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group with headquarters in Seoul and Incheon, South Korea. In addition to H-beams, rail, and reinforcing bars, it also produces hot coil, cold-rolled steel, and stainless cold-rolled sheet.

10. JFE Steel Corporation: the best sheet metal fabrication suppliers

Tokyo, Japan is home to the 1950-founded JFE Steel Corporation. Before changing its name to JFE Steel Corporation in April 2003, this corporation was known as Kawasaki Steel Corporation. Steel sheets, electrical sheets, forms, pipes and tubes, stainless steel goods, steel bars, wire rods, etc. are all provided by the company.


In 2019–20 and 2020–21, the demand for steel will increase by 7.2 percent, according to the Indian Steel Association (ISA). India’s relatively low per capita steel consumption and the anticipated increase in demand due to rising infrastructure construction and the flourishing automobile and railroads sectors present enormous growth potential.


Which steel firm is the best in the world?

Group China Baowu.

What is the world’s biggest steel mill?

The Barrow Hematite Steel Company steelworks, which is situated in Barrow-in-Furness, United Kingdom, was the largest steel mill in the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The biggest steel mill in the world right now is located in Gwangyang, South Korea.


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