10+ Prototype Development Companies | List of Companies That Develop Prototypes Worldwide


Companies That Prototype Development Worldwide
Companies That Develop Prototypes Worldwide

If you want to bring a new product concept to market, creating a prototype is a vital element of the product development process. Whether you are an investor looking to prototype your invention idea or a startup founder looking to have your product prototype manufactured for crowdfunding and demo purposes, it is critical to first understand the different types of prototypes and what type of prototype Development Company or service can assist you in building your prototype.

Before discussing a list of Prototype Development companies that create prototypes worldwide. Let’s have a look at types of Prototype Companies.

Type of Prototype

  • Rapid prototyping /3D Prototype
  • Manufacturers
  • Big design firm

How to select the right company for your need?

The answer to this issue is dependent on several factors, including whether you have engineers or designers on your team or whether you need to hire external engineering expertise for development. What is the aim of your Prototype? Is it a proof of concept prototype or must it be ready for a crowdfunding campaign, how sophisticated is your product, and so on?

How much does a prototype cost?

If you make a very crude proof of concept prototype out of everyday items lying around the house, the prototype may be made for next to nothing. If you hire a major product development firm, the prototype might cost up to $500,000. The topic of how much a prototype cost does not have a straightforward solution. It is determined by the purpose of your prototype, the complexity of the product, the materials used, and other factors.

List of product design and prototyping companies

1. Softermii

It is the top 1 Company that Develop Prototype Worldwide Their goal is to help Organizations accelerate development while retaining the same level of quality seen in internal markets. All while keeping prices 30-50 percent lowers than onshore and ensuring 100% availability in your time zone.

2. Lazarev

Lazarev is a Ukraine-based firm that was founded in 2015 and specializes in UI/UX. They have a staff of 50+ trained specialists that, despite being in a combat zone, deliver the finest ever outcomes in terms of productivity and timeliness.

As one of the most popular firms that design prototypes, we require a minimum project size of $50,000. Bronze verification has been granted to the firm. Furthermore, the monthly rates they pay their employees to range from $25 to $49 per hour. Lazarev focuses on user-centric designs to help startups flourish.

3. Inflexion Software

It’s one of the prototype development firms. They have produced, constructed, and developed their digital goods from the company’s inception. With 11 years of expertise and a firm launched in 2011, they match their clients’ digital expectations while focusing on the business considerations that make each project unique for them.

They have transformed digital platforms for international corporations such as HSBC, Richs, and Telefonica. Their services span from user research to business logistics, taking into account every stage of a normal trip to improve the overall Customer Experience, resulting in additional benefits for the firm with whom they collaborate.

4. Tooploox

It is included in the List of top Companies that Develop Prototypes Worldwide. Tooploox, which was created in 2012, is a well-known software development company that builds prototypes and provides cutting-edge solutions to startups and large enterprises.

They want to highlight long-term connections and goods that help people live better lives. The company’s professional workforce is made up of dedicated T shape people from all over the country who are specialists and well-versed in their field.

Tooploox’s experience allows it to produce one-of-a-kind, but advanced, cross-disciplinary solutions in a completely transparent, interactive, and agile manner. The firm began as a mobile workshop but has now grown to over a hundred workers and embraced and absorbed other software engineering areas.

5. Evenset

Evenset is a mobile and online application development firm based in Toronto that was founded in 2015. As a dynamic firm with a strong growth rate, they have established a track record among their clientele for being trustworthy, responsive, and committed to offering the highest quality service. To make ideas a reality, they employ a speedy agile method.

Their success is due to their team of highly qualified experienced software engineers, architects, and UI/UX design specialists, who are committed to producing world-class software with the customer at the core.

6. Equal

Equal is a prototype creation business based in Ukraine that specializes in digital product design. They assist new startups and established enterprises achieve their business goals by utilizing strategy (UX), design (UI), and application development technologies. Equal is one of best Company that Develop Prototypes Worldwide

The firm was created in 2019 and has extensive experience designing interfaces for mobile applications and websites in industries such as Fintech, Marketplace, E-commerce, Healthcare, Edtech, and LegalTech. They have a team of 50+ competent experts that are well-versed in their job, and the organization can pay their employees up to $50-$100 per hour.

7. SeaLab LLC

SeaLab was founded in 2014 in Austin. The firm provides a broad variety of digital product design services, from concept to creation.

SeaLab is a top design firm that specializes in digital product creation. Their talents and abilities may be used to any project, whether it’s a bespoke graphic for your success screen or a digital product built and manufactured from the ground up.

8. Cleevio

Cleevio is one of the top firms that create prototypes, with a strong track record in the design, engineering, and development of web and mobile apps, as well as their successful digital products with over 15 million downloads.

If you’re searching for a user-centric agency partner who takes responsibility for each project, Cleevio is the way to go. Over the previous ten years, they have produced over 100 programs that have been downloaded over 20 million times.

Their primary goal is to assist startups and large corporations with the launch of new digital goods such as HoppyGo, GAMEE, and Spendee, but they also execute and counsel digital initiatives for large corporate brands such as Deloitte, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and others.

9. Gaslight

Gaslight is a product development business comprised of strategic teams devoted to assisting your company in accomplishing its goals. Designers, developers, and consumers are all part of their competent professional team, which enhances innovation, increases creativity, and decreases rework. Each team works on just one project at a time to maintain consistent attention and commitment.

Without a question, they like images out about technology and design, but it’s all for a larger good—expanding your business. They develop apps that increase productivity, revenues, client interactions, and other factors.

10. Workshore

Workshore is one of the well-known startups that have created a prototype to modernize the tech design and development experience so that businesses can spend more time doing what they love: creating or sharing stories.

As a group, they create the most incredible digital experiences. They provide their clients’ websites as well as product design and development with simply one skilled team. They form long-term alliances based on their core values of openness, ownership, and excellence in their manner.

11. Sand Dollar design

Sand Dollar Design was founded in 2016 to assist organizations in creating business value and satisfying their clients and workers by reimagining the user experience with cutting-edge digital solutions.

As your partner for User-Centered Research, Analysis, and Design, they deliver excellent outcomes in product and experience strategy, research, service design, and UI/UX designs. Their team of professional consultants assists your firm in meeting its objectives while providing a superb customer experience.

12. Torinit Technologies

Torinit Technologies is a prototype development firm that is both cost-effective and capable of serving as a key technology partner. The firm wants to help you grow your business. The company’s innovative team of developers and tech analysts is experienced in creating solutions that are interesting, lucrative, and user-centric.

Torinit Technologies can help you grow your business tenfold by enhancing marketing, business growth, lead generation, and retention with their extensive technological knowledge (AI, Machine Learning, etc).

13. Sedin Technologies

Sedin Technologies is a software development company that ranks among the top 20 list of companies that develop prototypes due to their high expertise in cutting-edge technologies and strict adherence to agile development principles, resulting in high-end solutions for a variety of SMB business needs.

Over the years, they have built across 700 apps for clients all over the world. In addition, Google purchased one of its apps. They employ approximately 300 people. The corporation has offices in both Canada and the United States.

14. Ingenious

They are a full-service product design firm that also ranks in the top 20 organizations that produce prototypes and specialize in assisting customers with the production of digital products based on people’s behavior.

They help businesses turn their ideas into real products by assisting them with all phases of product development, such as design, prototype, and execution. They are capable and knowledgeable enough to produce things for any industry or market.

15. Clipping path eye

Clipping Path Eye was formed in Bangladesh in 2016 to become the best at offering high-quality photo editing and retouching services. They are dedicated to providing you with the best picture editing services available, with a particular emphasis on uniqueness, accuracy, and cost.

In this competitive period, the organization offers the greatest clipping path, photo cut out, photo retouching, and many more services based on your requirements. Furthermore, they are eager to demonstrate their abilities in all parts of graphic design.


Here, in this article, THE INDUSTRY FUTURE team creates a list of List of Companies That Develop Prototypes Worldwide. Creating a prototype is a vital element of the product development process. We also explain different kinds of prototypes companies.


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