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Video hosting or sharing platforms are services that allow users to upload, view, share, and stream video-based content over the Internet.

Google’s YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform at the moment, with over 1.9 billion monthly logged users, one billion hours of video watched daily, and 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute of the day.

YouTube, despite its impressive numbers, is not without flaws. Indeed, the video-sharing platform has numerous drawbacks and has been embroiled in numerous controversies stemming from its very nature – centralization.

These issues include, but are not limited to, strict video monetization policies, unfair video promotion algorithms, a lack of personalized support, ambiguous terms and conditions, data collection controversies, and privacy concerns.

Because of these pressing issues, many YouTube viewers and content creators are seriously considering switching to another platform.

The rise of blockchain technology has resulted in the emergence of several innovative video-sharing platforms that are well worth considering.

While these platforms are significantly less popular than YouTube, some of them offer decentralization, open-source development, transparent terms and conditions, improved search algorithms, privacy-focused approaches, alternative payment systems for content creators (cryptocurrencies), and more.

Others provide the Blockchain-based decentralized infrastructures required to obtain these benefits via existing platform integration.

See the Odysee Alternatives and Competitors List:

Name of Decentralized YouTube like Apps

Odysee Alternatives
Odysee Alternatives
  1. NewPipe
  2. Hive Blog
  3. Minds
  4. BitChute
  5. LBRY
  6. Peertube
  7. Dtube
  8. Verasity
  9. DLive
  10. LivePeer

Detail of Odysee Alternative & Competitors

1. NewPipe:

The NewPipe, like the Odysee, is an open-source, decentralized, and free project. Not only does the platform allow you to deliver your content, but it also provides quick customer support, making it one of the best Odysee alternatives.

Hundreds of people work on NewPipe’s development to provide translated content in up to 98 languages. On GitHub, you can also view the source code and decide whether or not to contribute to NewPipe. So there’s no harm in trying.

2. Hive Blog:

The hive, like the Odysee, is a decentralized social media website that provides free content platforms to anyone interested in the web3. Hive Blog is powered by steam and uses the Hive cryptocurrency.

It uses the Steem chain’s core code but adds a new cryptocurrency to fuel the network. As a result, by upvoting on the platform and upvoting others, users can earn Hive cryptocurrency. The platform is also free to use, but you must first create an account.

3. Minds:

It is one of the closest substitutes for the Odysee. It is a blockchain-based social platform where users can exchange crypto tokens for not only videos but also status updates, pictures, and blogs. Minds is well-liked by the general public due to its functionality. Rather than focusing solely on cryptocurrencies, its main concept revolves around a variety of everyday items.

Tokens can be earned by wbe3 users on the site for their daily contributions to the web3 and used to enrich their channel while also increasing the reach of their content and supporting other artists. The best part is that content creation is free, and you can make direct payments in USD, Ethereum, and bitcoin.

4. BitChute:

BitChute takes the same path as any other decentralized platform, removing the monopoly of a single user, organization, or infrastructure on the content of the users.

BitChute has evolved into an excellent platform for sharing video content for any new content creator. Everything is well taken care of by the platform. All you have to do is create an account and begin uploading your videos. You can categorize your videos as anime, arts, auto, beauty, business, gastronomy, DIY, entertainment, health, education, music, news, family, and so on. The platform also allows you to include articles if you want to increase the visibility of your content.

5. LBRY:

LBRY is a blockchain-based decentralization mechanism that provides each user with their own digital marketplace powered by their own money.

LBRY, on the other hand, allows producers to sell a variety of digital content such as movies, books, and games, making it a viable Oydsee alternative. It provides access to the video-sharing platform, as one would expect from a website like odysee. You can learn everything about the LBRY before joining. It is a straightforward platform with straightforward terminology. However, your research will only help you learn more about the platform.

6. Peertube:

Another Odysee-like platform, Peertube users has rated it as one of the best Odysee alternatives.

PeerTube is a decentralized video streaming network created by the French company Framasoft for users like you. PeerTube uses the BitTorrent protocol to distribute bandwidth among users. PeerTube aims to challenge corporate monopolies by avoiding expensive advertisements. However, keep in mind that your IP address is not anonymous in this environment.

Don’t worry, there are other PeerTube instances available where you can post or host your videos without interruption. Some services may charge a fee, but the vast majority are free.

7. Dtube:

Decentralized, simple to use, and benefits from being one of the similar sites it, like Odysee, is a blockchain-powered clone. Like most blockchain-based social networks, Dtube is governed by DTube Coins (DTC), which any creator can earn when someone watches or interacts with their video. Additionally, creators can use the coins to promote their work or withdraw funds from partner cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you’re looking for an Odysee replacement, Dtube is a good option.

8. Verasity:

VERASITY provides in-video awards as well as a variety of loyalty systems built around four components. The platform provides an HTML5 and full HD video player that is compatible with the majority of devices for content creators. Furthermore, it integrates an SDK reward module into the market’s most popular video streaming platform.

It rewards users with VRA tokens based on their actions while not interfering with publishers’ workflows or the way viewers interact with online videos. VeraWallet is the third service provided by platforms. It is in-video software that allows content consumers to spend, earn, and stake the VRA token as they see fit. Finally, blockchain technology will be used to verify and analyze video interactions as well as ad effectiveness.

9. DLive:

The content creators themselves founded the platform. It is also one of the best Odysyee alternatives among the other platforms on the list. Dlive is a Blockchain-based, decentralized live streaming platform centered on three game-changing features: LINO, Lemon, and LINO Stake.

Dlive operates on top of a blockchain network, with Lemon serving as a token. The creator can use the platform to give and subscribe to other content creators. You can provide video content on the Dlive in the same way you did on the Odysee! Regardless, it is a fantastic platform for launching decentralized content.

10. LivePeer:

Finally, LivePeer provides a source video infrastructure solution built directly on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers video engineers reliable and cost-effective video encoding.

The platform uses Blockchain characteristics like decentralization to create unique video streaming business models that are highly scalable and low-cost. To put things into perspective, LivePeer is currently working on a “platform as a service” for project developers who require on-demand and live video capabilities. So, what are you holding out for?

Why should you search for YouTube alternatives?

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to prevent video streaming websites from using tracking. They all collect aggregated data in order to “improve their services” or use cookies to collect data for marketing purposes. Some also share that data with their partners and almost all of them will share your information in special circumstances,’ such as fighting fraud or when enforcement agencies law request it.

Google does it as well, so why bother looking for YouTube alternatives?

You’re providing Google with even more information, which contributes to an even more accurate ‘user profile.’ The alternatives listed above may serve you ads, but they will be limited to what you provide them with your profile.

You’re becoming trapped in the ‘filter bubble.’ Google believes it knows what you want and serves you search results based on your profile and interests. Leaving all other information outside of your “filter bubble”

Extend your horizons. YouTube does not contain all of the high-quality videos available on the internet. Why not check out TED if you’re looking for new ideas for a scientific project? If you like old movies that you can’t find anywhere else, check out the Internet Archive.


Is there anything like YouTube?

Dailymotion is a video website similar to YouTube. It went live in March 2005, just one month after its more famous competitor. Today, Dailymotion is most likely YouTube’s closest competitor. Millions of videos have been uploaded by both professional publishers and amateurs.

How do I live stream from YouTube?

Allow live streaming

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet.
  • Click Create at the bottom. Go live now.
  • It may take up to 24 hours to launch your first live stream. Once enabled, you can begin live streaming immediately.

Is there a similar streaming service to YouTube?

Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, DTube, Vevo, Flickr, and Veoh are a few alternatives to YouTube that provide users with a variety of options for uploading and viewing content.


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