Top 20 NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA, UK, India for 2023


Gaining a solid understanding of what NFTs are and how to benefit from them would be a great opportunity to leverage in 2022 by entering the NFT sector. NFT development services, but at the other hand, is crucial. Adhering to it would make the whole first big step in the NFT Company easier. Before you do that, read the section below to help you understand and decide who to hire for NFT token development services. NFT marketplaces serve a specific purpose: to allow users to buy, sell, and trade their digital collectibles and assets as easily as possible. To ensure this, NFT marketplace developers incorporate some globally accepted and recommended features into the NFT marketplace.

List of 10 top NFT marketplace development firms

NFT Marketplace Development Company
  1. Interexy
  2. InfoSystem Hyperlink
  3. ConsenSys
  4. Blockchain App Factory
  5. Andersen Lab
  6. Fueled
  7. Reliable Group
  8. Concurrency Inc
  9. LeewayHertz
  10. Arateg
  11. PixelPlex
  12. IBM iX
  13. Software Pro
  14. HData Systems
  15. Juego Studio
  16. Codezero
  17. Kellton Tech
  18. Silicon IT Hub
  19. Hashstudioz Technologies
  20. Appinventiv

Top 10+ NFT Marketplace Ranking & NFT Volume Ranking by Sales, Volume & Capitalization

Detail of 10 best NFT Marketplace Development Companies

1. Interexy: A NFT marketplace development platform

Interexy is a top NFT company that provides cutting-edge NFT development services to its clients. The company provides NFT marketplace development services for a variety of industries, including art, fashion, games, and real estate. Interexy’s marketplace developers deliver a great user experience by developing NFT marketplaces that meet their client’s needs by leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks. Experts to build top NFT platforms use Blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, and Solana. It is one of the top 2022 NFT Marketplace Development Companies.

2. InfoSystem Hyperlink: NFT marketplace development solutions

InfoSystem Hyperlink is one of the best NFT development companies in the blockchain era, excelling in assisting customers all over the world. The company strives to provide the best services possible while meeting all business requirements. Customers have always preferred InfoSystem Hyperlink to develop one-of-a-kind applications since 2011. They always combine their skills, creativity, and technology with the ideas of their customers. Employees at InfoSystem Hyperlink have always prioritized customer satisfaction. From mobile application development to NFT Marketplace development, InfoSystem Hyperlink offers complete design and development services.

3. ConsenSys: A NFT marketplace development services

ConsenSys is a blockchain development studio. Their global team is constructing an ecosystem of consumer-centric enterprise products and solutions based on blockchain technologies, specifically Ethereum. It is a global training program for technologists and entrepreneurs who are developing the infrastructure, applications, and practices that will allow for a decentralized world. It is one of the top 2022 NFT Marketplace Development Companies.

4. Blockchain App Factory: top NFT development service provider

Blockchain App Factory is a market leader in NFT, crypto, and blockchain. This company’s excellence in these fields is combined with the excellence of delivering a high-quality solution within a specified time frame. The NFT token development encourages creators such as artists and musicians to tokenize their digital works into NFTs that can be created on any blockchain of their choice. Furthermore, the NFT marketplace will be built with robust technology and will feature significant customizations, ensuring adjustments for varying individual needs.

5. Andersen Lab: NFT marketplace development service provider

Andersen Lab employs over 3400 developers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, and other software development professionals. They have been on the market for over a decade and are now a large and mature organization that meets the highest standards and excels as a forward-thinking and dependable business. Since 2007, they have worked with well-known companies, completing complex projects and gaining valuable experience that they can apply to their IT initiatives. It is one of the top 2022 NFT Marketplace Development Companies.

6. Fueled

Fueled specializes in developing websites and mobile applications that are fast, appealing, responsive, and easy to use. They share an unwavering passion for excellence, and they come to work every day to work on the most fascinating projects with the best customers, whether for startups or well-known corporations.

7. Reliable Group

Reliable Group provides you with access to over 3000 technical resources to help you scale your business. We’ve discovered three different models that can help you achieve results based on decades of experience. All of our models are suitable for large-scale application delivery and meet specific requirements. It is one of the top 2022 NFT Marketplace Development Companies.

8. Concurrency Inc

Clients for its coordinated approach, elite talent, project-scoped project schedules, and finance worth choose Concurrency Inc. Concurrency’s primary goal is to increase its clients’ return on IT investments by developing innovative solutions that address the needs of people, processes, and technology across all domains of technology and business requirements.

9. LeewayHertz: the best NFT Marketplace Development Company

LeewayHertz is an NFT marketplace development firm that works with both startups and corporations. Customers include well-known companies such as Siemens, McKinsey, and P&G. LeewayHertz provides online NFT marketplaces to industries such as art, music, gaming, and real estate. An IT service provider has now built over 20 Blockchain projects. In terms of technology, the software engineers build NFT marketplace apps on a variety of blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Tron, Corda, EOS, Stellar, Tezos, and Hyperledger Fabric. It is one of the top NFT marketplace development firms in 2022.

10. Arateg

Arateg is a reliable provider of NFT marketplace development services, assisting startups and SMEs in attracting investors, promoting products, gaining recognition, and maximizing ROI. The company is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has an office in the United Kingdom with a team of IT professionals, as well as representative offices in Switzerland and Germany. Arateg has now delivered more than 20 multi-sided platforms to industries such as digital art, healthcare, online retail, e-learning, hospitality, and real estate, including several NFT marketplace applications. Arateg has been recognized by reputable B2B review and rating organizations such as Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush, AppFutura, The Manifest, and WADLINE.

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11. PixelPlex

PixelPlex is your dependable business partner when it comes to bringing in cutting-edge digital products and industry-leading solutions. Year after year, they have expanded the geographic scope of their offices and added to our list of cherished long-term alliances. They assist in the development of NFT lending platforms that develop your financial models so that you can take advantage of return and liquidity opportunities rather than holding idle assets.

12. IBM iX

IBM iX is a technological firm that employs IBM Design Thinking to deliver unique and forward-thinking ideas, not only for design but also for business problem-solving. They develop proficiency in all current developing technologies in a constantly changing environment. Their ability to use technology to solve business problems distinguishes us from other IT firms.

13. Software Pro

Software Pro is one of the best and top software development companies in the United States, serving international clients from its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as its two foreign offices. Their experts guarantee immutable blockchain architecture and a highly secure blockchain solution. Their ability to generate cryptocurrency enables us to develop Blockchain wallets that are secure, adaptable, and dependable.

14. HData Systems

HData Systems is one of the most trusted companies that offers a wide range of business analytics services equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Migration, IoT, and others that can deliver the desired results to global organizations.

15. Juego Studio

Many brands around the world consider Juego Studio to be their preferred NFT marketplace development partner.

Juego’s experienced development team builds custom NFT marketplaces based on the most recent blockchain and tokenization standards. Some of the cutting-edge services provided by the company include end-to-end design and development, support and maintenance, and smart contract development and audit.

16. Codezeros – Best NFT token Marketplace Development Company

You can use Codezeros to create a specific or all-in-one NFT Token marketplace. They are the leading NFT marketplace development company, offering the best NFT Marketplace Development Services. Codezeros can help you create and launch an NFT marketplace to sell a specific type of digital assets, such as gaming inventory or entertainment content.

Their developers are adept at delivering crypto-based business solutions that can assist you in developing independent and secure NFTs on time. Solidity and Ethereum are the frameworks used by experienced NFT developers in NFT development. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve by implementing this technology, Codezeros is the best and most dependable partner to work with.

17. Kellton Tech – NFT Marketing Development Agency

Kellton Tech is a group of experts with a proven track record and an excellent reputation for assisting businesses and individuals in developing NFT marketplaces.

The non-fungible token development company, founded in 2009, has a diverse portfolio of successful projects. It has an excellent track record, with numerous positive client reviews.

18. Silicon IT Hub – One of the Top NFT Development Firms

Silicon IT Hub is one of the most reputable blockchain development firms in the world. An experienced group of professionals leads it.

To keep the platform secure, they provide a great user interface as well as enhanced security features. While analyzing the website, our team of experts discovered that client testimonials and reviews support its market reputation.

19. Hashstudioz Technologies – NFT Development Company in india

Hashstudioz Technologies is a global product development leader with a diverse team of technology experts. They have built many NFT marketplaces used by millions of users thanks to a team of engineers, developers, analysts, programmers, blockchain specialists, and intelligent workers.

The NFT token development company integrates every feature of popular NFT marketplaces. It specializes in the creation of clones to help businesses launch their own NFT marketplace and gain market popularity.

20. Appinventiv – Non-Fungible Token Development Company in New York

Appinventiv, a non-fungible token development firm, began operations in 2015. The company employs over 650 people and is breaking new ground in the development of the NFT marketplace.

The company provides a comprehensive suite of services across multiple markets and develops solutions that include all necessary features and functionalities.

Its comprehensive set of solutions aimed at meeting the needs of NFT enthusiasts has earned it the reputation of being one of the best NFT development firms. Appinventiv serves small market players, large enterprises, and startups.


Are you looking for a way to make a breakthrough in the world of NFT? These NFT development firms can help you along the way. Do your research before making a decision that will lead to the development of the NFT marketplace and the fulfillment of your entrepreneurial goals.

We hope that our list of companies that build NFT marketplaces has provided you with accurate information. Our thorough examination of the companies revealed that you can always select the best service provider for NFT Token development.


Which company has launched a service to help build NFT marketplaces?

Sparx Information Technology Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions began delivering NFT marketplace apps to domains such as sports, digital art, gaming, music, fashion, and real estate as the popularity of non-fungible tokens grew. In addition, the company creates NFT marketplaces for celebrities.

What is the largest blockchain firm?

Coinbase Global is a global provider of financial infrastructure, including transaction services and cryptocurrency-related technology. The platform allows retail customers to invest, spend, save, earn, and use cryptocurrencies.


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