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Mobile app promotion strategies
Mobile app promotion strategies

In this advanced world where each day new technology is incorporated it is very difficult to understand how to create or do something unique from others to stand out from the crowd. In the same way, while you are creating your own app there are certain criteria that you should be kept in mind before the launch of your app. There are different mobile app promotion strategies that you must know to promote your upcoming app.

Why app promotion strategies are important?

There are 4 main advantages of app promotion:

  • Higher commitment/Engagement
  • Catering to the requirements of the customers
  • Create connection between customer and company
  • Get an idea about competition in market

How can you promote your mobile app properly?

The mobile app technology has cut-throat competition. For example: In February 2022, 81.3k apps released only in just Google play store. It means that you need a strong app marketing ideas to get popularity in the app market. Let’s have a look on different mobile app promotion strategies:

Know your target audience for app promotion strategies:

Instead of attempting to reach everyone, concentrate on your primary audience.

Define your target customer’s demographics, age groupings, hobbies, and lifestyle. These facts might help you decide which marketing strategy to apply for your mobile app promotion.

Simultaneously, consider what your rivals are doing to get more clients. They are most likely aimed at the very same audience. As a result, even before you begin advertising your app, you may obtain a good understanding of how to attract clients. Search their way and give your best efforts to improve it.

Initiate mobile app promotion before launch

Before launch the app you have to learn some Pre- App launch promotion plans/strategies for superb launch.

1. Growing email list: Email is still functioning. Email marketing should also be a part of any mobile app promotion plan template.

This pre-launch period is ideal for starting to build your email list because your list will be a valuable resource for gathering feedback on the features and performance of your app. It will be the primary communication route for informing followers about the progress of your app’s development or when it will be released.

2. Utilize referral campaigns: Referral campaigns promotion strategy still works. Users are more likely to believe referrals made by people they know.

Dropbox is one of the best examples for referral campaign in the history of applications. This referral scheme was critical in growing their large user base.

3. Provide exclusive previews to influencers: You may generate interest in your app by providing an exclusive preview to influencers, opinion leaders, and industry experts. The aim is that these influencers would find your app interesting enough to talk about it on their platforms, boosting your business to their own audiences.

4. Demo video: It is also a beneficial strategy to promote your app. Create demo video for your app. This demo should explain what your app is actual about. It is great method to introduce your app.

5. Invest in content marketplace:

When done correctly, content marketing – particularly blogging – may bring a significant amount of organic inbound traffic to your website while also raising awareness for your app. Fresh, relevant material will boost you to the top of search engine results pages, bringing in new customers.

Furthermore, by creating content regarding the specific issues your target audience experiences; you establish your brand as a thought leader and authority in the sector.

Leverage your blog

Your website may be a valuable resource for mobile app promotion. In reality, it is a communication channel that may assist you in increasing brand recognition, authority, and exposure.

It’s a plus point if you already have a well-trafficked website. You may leverage the platform’s reach to highlight your app. One method is to just submit app screenshots.

There are different ways of leveraging blog/website for mobile application promotion plan.

Blog posts: A blog is an excellent approach to keep people informed about your new app and to establish your internet presence. It’s also a great place to post regular blog updates regarding your mobile app’s main features and applications.

You may also discuss your experiences while developing the app or solicit feedback from your target audience. The goal is to make them feel like they are a part of the process. This will not only keep them updated, but it will also generate interest in your app.

Web poster and call to action option: Website banners are frequently linked with commercial ads. However, you may use them as part of your smartphone app marketing plan as well.

Create a web banner announcing the debut of your mobile app and place it in the top portion of your home page to make it stand out.This method is ideal for telling people about the debut of your mobile app. If your programme is already accessible in the app store, your objective should be to increase downloads.

Use social media platforms for app promotion strategies

Social media is a marketing weapon for many types of businesses. As a result, it goes without saying that it should be a component of your mobile app marketing plan.

The first step is to determine which social media networks your target demographic is most engaged on. Using that data, create content to promote your app on various channels.

It enables you to produce social material that adheres to the criteria of the target network. It also optimizes publishing times and analyzes participation rates on each post. It’s a superb marketing technique for mobile app promotion since it allows you to target your customers more accurately.

App store optimization

ASO is one of the best app promotion strategies. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a strategy for increasing an app’s appearance in app stores. Each app is ranked in app stores depending on a number of parameters. You may rank higher and generate more downloads by effectively implementing appropriate keywords, useful pictures, and localized descriptions.

Try old school mobile app marketing ideas

There are some old-time strategies for app promotion:

Pay for advertising

You may advertise low cost on conventional media like radio or print, or you can spend a lot of money on Google or facebook. Because of the capacity to accurately target ad audiences, Facebook Ads are exceptionally effective in acquiring new users.

Create classic style: flyers, logos and t-shirts

It is also a good app promotion plan. It will make your app more visible and popular among people.

Hire a billboard

Billboards also provide something that other digital marketing platforms do not: the gravitas of a massive, physical sign promoting your app and company to the general public.

Ask for feedback

Another strategy to advertise your app (or even simply the concept of your app) is to get comments from others.

There are several avenues via which you might solicit people’s feedback, the most straightforward being your own online properties: your blog, email list, and social network outposts.

Conclusion: In this article we discuss about the mobile app promotion strategies. It will help you to promote your app on different platform.  According to us there are 7 main app promotion plans. If you have any doubt leave you comment in the comment section below.


What are common mobile app promotion strategies?

·      Know your target audience
·      Initiate mobile app promotion before launch
·      Leverage your blog
·      Use social media platforms
·      App store optimization
·      Try old school mobile app marketing ideas
·      Ask for feedback

What is AOS?

ASO is app store optimization. ASO is one of the best app promotion strategies. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a strategy for increasing an app’s appearance in app stores.


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