Top 20+ IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas 2023


Have you ever felt like your company was out of sync? Perhaps the introduction of new technology will force your company to make a change. IT Consulting Firms in Dallas combine technology and business in perfect creative harmony.

As a result, hiring a Dallas-based IT consulting firm is a great idea. It is possible to hire an IT company from outside of Dallas, but this will cost you a lot of money. Dallas is a more reasonable and appropriate location for technology-related products.

Dallas Texas IT Consulting Firms

Aside from musical analogies, IT consulting firms in Dallas are a popular option for businesses looking to improve their strategy or upgrade their tech stacks in order to compete with their competitors. IT consulting firms in Dallas offer innovative ideas to businesses to help them meet their goals and excel in their field.

It’s no surprise that Dallas is home to many of the world’s most innovative consulting firms. Examine the distinctions between these Top Ten IT Consulting Firms in Dallas.


Our tech experts rank the IT firms listed below as among the top sorting options for “IT Consulting Firms in Dallas.” Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications, select the technology firm that is best suited to your needs.

List of 20+ top IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas

Top IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas
Top IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas

Name of the best IT consulting companies in Dallas

  • Everest Group
  • Pariveda
  • Arbela Technologies
  • Wipro
  • Capgemini
  • Credera
  • Darby Consulting
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • Catapult Systems
  • Paranet
  • CTG
  • Arbela Technologies
  • Bain & Company
  • Reliable Technology Services
  • Progressive IT Solutions
  • Velo IT Group

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Detail of 10 best IT Consulting Firms in Dallas 2023

1. Everest Group: an IT consulting firm

Banking, insurance, healthcare, and life sciences are the primary areas of concentration.

They do the following: The Everest Group advises businesses on the best ways to achieve digital change in all areas. The company will create a comprehensive strategy and collaborate with the business to implement the new technology. The agile IT Consultant in Dallas at Everest Group helps businesses implement digital technologies that improve data quality and the customer experience.

Everest Group collaborates with hundreds of companies in the insurance, banking, and healthcare industries.

2. Pariveda: an IT consulting companies

Focus areas include healthcare, retail, and finance.

The way they work: Pariveda works with the client to create innovative IT solutions that help businesses achieve their long-term objectives. Before employing new technologies such as IoT machine learning and cloud architecture, blockchain, big data, and others, the IT consulting firm owned by Dallas employees begins by learning about a customer’s strategic goals.

Whom they collaborate with: Pariveda works with a wide range of clients from various industries.

3. Arbela Technologies: A top IT consulting firms

Manufacturing, media, food, aerospace, and professional services are the areas of concentration.

Hexcel, LifeVantage, Thermon, and Mirion Technologies are examples of companies that do this.

4. Wipro: best IT consulting firm

Aerospace, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Travel, Retail, Public Sector, and Other Industries

What they do: Wipro is one of the most well-known Dallas IT consulting firms, with hundreds of offices around the world. This tech behemoth is a major player in almost every industry and a specialist in cybersecurity, DevOps, automation, AI, and cloud-based services that help businesses improve their technology stacks and collect more useful data.

Who they work with in collaborationAirbus, Cisco, Michelin, US Bank, Vodafone, and Walmart

5. Capgemini: An IT consulting services company

Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Media, Government, Banking, and Other Industries

The services they offer: Capgemini offers a wide range of IT consulting services in Dallas to clients all over the world. The world-renowned IT behemoth is focused on cloud services, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation solutions that help businesses improve supply chain efficiency, retain employees, and manage risks. Capgemini has two offices in Irving. One is in Paris, and the other is in Irving.

They collaborate with Virgin, T-Mobile, Kinova, GE Healthcare, Texas, and the United States Department of Education.

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6. Credera: biggest IT consulting firm

Focus areas include food, automotive, sports, media, travel, and retail.

They do the following: Credera is a full-service IT and management consulting firm based in Dallas that helps companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, adopt cutting-edge technology. Credera assists its customers in identifying growth opportunities in areas such as cloud transformation, analytics design, product development, and technology support in order to improve both corporate efficiency and customer satisfaction.

They collaborate with National Geographic Chili’s, Gold’s Gym, Interstate Batteries, Ben E. Keith, and 7-Eleven.

7. Darby Consulting: Largest it consulting firm

Focus areas include education, oil and gas, public sector, healthcare, and real estate.

They do the following: Darby Consulting specialises in IT staffing services to assist clients in maximising the value of their technology. Whether you need assistance with IT project management, digital transformation, or user adoption of technology, Darby is the best technology consulting firm in Dallas with experts to answer all of your questions. Darby’s IT consultants can integrate innovative onboarding tools, templates, and leadership support groups into any client’s team.

They collaborate with HP, BP, Applied Materials, and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

8. Hitachi Vantara: An IT consulting agency

Communications, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, and retail are the areas of concentration.

They do the following: Hitachi Vantara is an international digital consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas, that helps clients develop emerging technologies such as edge computing, the Internet of Things, and cloud-based data storage systems. The company is concentrating on implementing technology such as hybrid flash storage and video intelligent tools that are simple to integrate into existing technology stacks.

9. Catapult Systems: An IT consultancy group

Public Sector, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality are the areas of concentration.

They offer the following services: Catapult assists organizations in integrating Microsoft cloud-based solutions into their existing IT and digital technology stacks. Azure, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and Cortana Intelligence Suite are all available. Cortana Intelligence Suite is one of the Microsoft technologies used by the Gold-certified Microsoft partner to improve everything from security protocols to business information management.

Whom they collaborate include Carl’s Jr., Metro, KBM Group, and Alliance Data.

10. Paranet: An IT strategy consulting firm

Healthcare and private equity are the primary areas of concentration.

They do the following: Dallas-based IT information technology firm is capable of meeting the most significant cybersecurity and IT challenges. The management of user infrastructure, infrastructure administration, network management, and business continuity are just a few of the areas in which the company provides comprehensive IT management consulting. Each consultation includes customized cybersecurity solutions to help protect sensitive information. To date, Paranet’s cybersecurity services have prevented over one billion security threats, according to the company.

MedStar, ThomaBravo, Compassus, Unifeye, and NVISION are among the companies with whom they collaborate.

Top Dallas Technology Management Consulting Firms

Dallas is a rapidly growing corporate hub and the country’s third-most popular business travel destination. Among the 22 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Dallas Fort Worth region are American Airlines, ExxonMobil, J.C. Penney, AT&T, and Texas Instruments. Many companies have relocated from Dallas in recent years due to the city’s low real estate prices, tax-free great culture, and large pool of talent.

This means that there are many technology-related consulting firms in Dallas to assist prospective consultants. Despite the fact that Dallas may go unnoticed, it is one of the top locations for growth in management consulting and should be considered by the majority of applicants.


  • AT&T employs over 240,000 people.
  • Texas Instruments employs over 29,000 people.
  • Pinnacle Group has over 8,000 employees.
  • Telvista has over 7,000 employees.
  • Solera has over 4,000 employees.
  • Mercado Labs has over 3,000 employees.
  • Tellabs has over 2,500 employees.
  • Infogroup has over 2,000 employees.

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Popular Information Technology Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas

Because of the Dallas-based businessman who is leading the way, information technology has evolved into a significant business in Dallas. The most popular IT consulting firms in Dallas are listed below, many of which are small businesses that provide a personalized consulting experience.

  1. Cask
  2. Capgemini
  3. Credera
  4. CTG
  5. Darby Consulting
  6. Enaxis Consulting
  7. Genesis 10 Consulting
  8. Hitachi Consulting
  9. Just Technical Associates
  10. Lufthansa Systems
  11. North Highland

The Advantages of Working with a Dallas-Based Technology Company

What are the advantages of having a local technology company in Dallas Texas rather than one with its headquarters in another region of the United States? Throughout the duration of a development plan, you will most likely spend a significant amount of time working with the selected business for development. They will collaborate with you to gain an understanding of your goals and the areas of concern for your company in order to develop an approach that will meet your company’s objectives while providing a high return on investment.

A Dallas tech firm is likely to be familiar with local industries and markets and can provide you with exclusive insight into your company’s needs, making them a valuable source of customized software development. Their experience with competitors, as well as previous projects and other clients in the area, will provide you with peace of mind as you embark on your journey.

Other Dallas IT companies can serve as a resource for your development firm, providing details on what to expect throughout the development process. Furthermore, if you decide to work remotely for your development company or even meet face-to-face due to proximity, you can do so without having to worry about travel time or time changes.


If you know of any other companies that provide technology-related consulting in Dallas or have offices in Dallas, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Our team’s technical advisors will undoubtedly contribute to the bulk of the content.


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