How to Earn Money on Facebook $500 every day ?


Everyone who uses the internet is aware of the Facebook app, but very few of them actually know how to make $500 every day on Facebook. I’m sure you’ll be startled, but if you read this article all the way to the conclusion, you will undoubtedly understand how to monetize Facebook sites.

You probably used Facebook up until this point to upload photos, connect socially with friends, and engage in likes, comments, and shares. However, from now on, you will understand how to make $500 every day on Facebook.

A list of tips to make money on Facebook

How does Facebook make money
How does Facebook make money

Here are the nine possible strategies to monetize your Facebook account that we’ll discuss in this article:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Facebook Live
  4. Instant Articles
  5. Sponsored content
  6. Subscription groups
  7. Free Facebook groups
  8. Selling Digital Products
  9. Selling your services

As you can see, there are many other routes you might go down, including marketing, selling goods and services, getting sponsored by companies and more. You’ll learn how to use each of these strategies to earn $500 a day on Facebook. Including advice on getting started, how to identify your specialty and target market, and how to build interaction.

We’ll also go through how to monetize Facebook videos and ads.

HOW TO WORK FROM HOME ON FACEBOOK [Earn up to $500 daily]

There are numerous ways to earn $500 per day on Facebook, including selling digital items, providing your services online, working as an online marketer, and localized product flipping.

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Ways of earning from Facebook


When you recommend things to your audience in affiliate marketing and those recommendations result in a sale, you get paid. You get paid a commission when a sale is made.

The enormous business is anticipated to reach $8.2 billion in 2022.

Top affiliate marketers can earn millions of dollars annually. Affiliate marketing offers a variety of revenue streams. You can direct visitors to your website using your email list, social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others, as well as your website.


  • You’ll choose a niche first.
This can be a hobby or interest you have, such as a love of animals, golf, interior design, fitness, etc.
  • The next step is to address a concern your audience has.
  • If you work in the cat niche, for instance, cat owners can struggle with dealing with the foul litter box.
  • Your audience could be likely to buy if you can offer a solution because it’s filthy, stinky, and needs continuous cleaning.
  • Your target market might be interested in this problem-solving solution if you sold a product that trains cats to use the toilet instead of the litter box.
  • As a result, you recommend this product to your audience, help them with their problem, and profit from each transaction.

That’s an affiliate promotion!

There is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing, and you can even get started for free.  

Here are some suggestions for using Facebook to generate income through affiliate marketing:

  • Post content on Facebook that links people to your website so you can promote affiliate products.
  • To drive visitors to your website or an associate partner, use Facebook advertisements.

You can utilize one or both strategies to generate income through Facebook affiliate marketing.


A marketplace website integrated with Facebook, Facebook Marketplace connects buyers and sellers. You have the option of selling goods to clients locally or globally as a seller. A few examples of items available for purchase on Facebook Marketplace are:

  • Mobile phones
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Makeup
  • Clothing
  • Toys

Drop shipping allows some Facebook Marketplace vendors to earn $500 each day.


Decide what you’ll sell first.

Will you put your possessions up for sale? Do you intend to engage in arbitrage, where you purchase goods at a discount and resell them? Do you want to sell locally or export internationally?

After creating your company plan, start looking for your products. After that, publish your products in the marketplace and make yourself accessible to respond to inquiries from potential clients.

Here, the volume or the product niche may be where the money is.

For instance, you might sell dozens of the $15 Squishmallow pillow toys or a few expensive things like electronics, where sales volume isn’t always necessary to generate a lot of money.

Start selling your goods by listing them on Facebook Marketplace.


Connecting with your audience through live Facebook video is possible with Facebook Live. Going live on Facebook is a clever strategy to interact with your audience in the moment to:

  • Make a declaration
  • Split a profit
  • Run a Q&A session.
  • Create a sale


Live video on Facebook connects names and faces. Engage in one-on-one live video communication with your audience while earning money!

On Facebook Live, you can earn money in the following ways:

  • Offering your goods
  • Services for sale
  • Ad breaks for affiliate marketing

Selling on Facebook Live is a way to monetize. This can be done by using affiliate marketing or by selling your own goods or services.


With Facebook Stars, viewers can tip you throughout your live videos.

  • A star is worth one penny.
  • Stars are available in packs.
  • In order for celebrities to accept them on your live videos, you must enable them.
  • Setting a lofty objective is advised.


Before, during, or after your Facebook live video, these advertisements will play. It’s an additional way to monetize live Facebook streaming.


You can post articles for readers to read on Facebook using Facebook Instant Articles. On a mobile device, articles display swiftly and beautifully.

It works for all types of written content, including long-form publications and brief blog postings. Publishers get compensated for each view of their material.


Publishers can submit their articles to Facebook Instant Articles and get paid based on how many visitors the articles get.

A few quick facts concerning Facebook Instant Articles are provided below:

  1. You can produce quick articles that Facebook users can read.
  2. Instant Articles are used on more than 37,000 Facebook pages.
  3. When using Instant Articles, Facebook users open 52 percent more articles.
  4. Ads, branded content and subscriptions are all ways that your material might generate income.

You must be qualified to monetize your content using Facebook Instant Articles, it’s crucial to remember that. To see if you are eligible, go to the Facebook Creator Studio.

How to Make Money in the Metaverse | Earn Money From Metaverse Real Estate


In sponsored content, you are compensated as an influencer for educating your audience about brands. You’ll collaborate with businesses and introduce them in Facebook posts to your audience.

Working with companies can be found by using:

  • Cold outreach: Contacting businesses with which you have no existing relationships in order to collaborate on a sponsored partnership
  • Warm outreach: Contacting businesses with which you already have a relationship in order to collaborate on a sponsored campaign, such as those with which you have previously collaborated on projects, attended events, or otherwise networked.
  • Getting contacted by companies: Receive emails from businesses interested in collaborating.
  • Sponsored networks: These websites connect creators and businesses for sponsored collaborations. By recommending a brand to their audience, an influencer can earn money, and brands benefit. Izea and Tap Influence are two examples.


You may monetize your Facebook group with paid subscriptions using Facebook subscription groups. You can monetize with a subscription if you run a group where you educate or otherwise help your audience.

For instance, this Facebook community has more than 500,000 female business owners from around the world. Entrepreneurs can network and engage with others in the business world in this free community, but there is no room for self-promotion.  

Instead, they provide a subscription group alongside it where members can join and advertise in the free group in exchange for a monthly charge.

This is an illustration of how a Facebook subscription group might generate income.

Members’ payments for Facebook subscription groups are routinely collected. They can offer:

  • Exclusive material
  • A live video
  • Community development
  • Other benefits


Do Facebook groups generate revenue, if that’s a question you have. Yes, they can, is the response.

You can build free Facebook groups for your audience that is open to joining. There are other methods to make money from your group even though you won’t be charging a recurring fee like subscription groups:

  • Sell both physical and digital goods.
  • Offer services
  • Drive visitors to a monetized website

On Facebook, anyone can create a free group. They’re a great approach to generate income online by adding value and promoting goods and services that cater to the audience’s demands.


E-courses, eBooks, printables, online templates, e-guides, and other digital items are examples of digital products. Using Facebook as a traffic source can be a wise choice if you sell digital goods.


Your audience can purchase your digital goods from you on Facebook. Here are some methods for using Facebook to sell your digital goods online:

  • Promote your sales page on Facebook.
  • Advertise your products on Facebook.
  • Create a free or paid group and market your goods there.


To your Facebook audience, you can market your services in the same way that you market your products. Facebook is a fantastic platform for identifying your target audience and making online sales, regardless of what services you sell, including coaching, consulting, bookkeeping, design, and other services.

For plumbers, HVAC specialists, house cleaners, and other home service businesses, Facebook Marketplace also supports home services if you provide them. It’s an additional route you can take on Facebook to market your in-home services.

Running a successful business on Facebook also requires providing content and increasing engagement.


The first step in learning how to make $500 a day on Facebook is to determine your niche and target market.

The next step is to begin and keep on developing content. Afterward, interact with your audience. This is how you build a strong Facebook monetization foundation.

Next, pick one or more of the monetization techniques mentioned above to start earning money on Facebook every day.


You now understand how to earn up to $500 daily on Facebook. I hope these concepts motivate you to act. Each of these tactics can be used to establish and expand an online business on Facebook.


How many followers on Facebook to get paid?

According to Meta, in order for your Facebook page to become profitable, it must have 10,000 followers. At that point, you may begin displaying Facebook advertising on your videos.

How to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos?

Your page must have attained one of the following milestones in the previous 60 days: 15,000 engagements; 180,000 total video minutes watched; or 30,000 1-minute views on films longer than three minutes. At least 18 years of age is required.

How to make money on Facebook pdf?

If you post video material on Facebook, you might be able to monetize it with in-stream advertisements. You must fulfill a number of prerequisites in order to employ this sort of monetization, such as having a well-established presence with 10,000 Page followers.


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