How Much does YouTube Pay?


how do you make money on youtube
how do you make money on youtube

Today in this article TIF will try to explain the earning process of the biggest platform “YouTube”. This article includes: How much does YouTube pay, how many subscribers are required on YouTube to get money, how many watch hour’s required for being eligible for monetization. Let’s start with a question:

What is YouTube and why does it pay you?

There will be hardly anyone who will not be known about YouTube. It is the biggest platform in the field of videography, widely used for entertainment purposes and many people use this platform as a profession. Youtube is one of the most famous products of “Google”. Why and how does YouTube pay? The most common purpose is Adds, you create a high-quality and unique video, YouTube runs Advertisements on your video and you are paid. Of course, the next question will be in your mind:

How much does YouTube pay?

How much YouTube pays depends on many factors like the location where users are watching the video, whether your video is being played with YouTube adds or without adds, which type of adds running on your videos. Some YouTube or google adds are expensive and some are cheap. Once users click on ads you are paid accordingly.

How many subscribers on YouTube to get money?

Before there were no particular YouTube monetization requirements, anyone was able to monetize any video at any time. However, nowadays suddenly an increase in useless YouTube channels, reducing fake channel, and promoting high-quality content YouTube have imposed a requirement of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour per year. By introducing these stipulations YouTube has successfully reduced unwanted and useless content.

What is a YouTube short video? How does it help in increasing subscriber and watch hours?

Nowadays, YouTube shorts can help to a large extent to increase subscribers and watch hours at high speed. YouTube short videos do not show ads but a good quality short video can help in gain subscribers and watch, you will easily be eligible for approval of the YouTube partner program. YouTube shorts duration is less than 60secound.


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