Chegg Alternative | 10+ Other Chegg Alternative Apps & Websites for Earning in 2022


Searching for the top Chegg substitutes? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. You can continue on or scroll to the list of alternatives to Chegg here.

Both the Internet and online learning platforms are becoming beneficial for students’ education. One of the most well-known brands, Chegg is renowned for the wide range of services it offers to students.

Even though virtually everything is ideal, occasionally you might need to find Chegg Alternatives. These substitutes offer students a comparable experience and are fiercely challenging Chegg.

We have therefore included a few of the top Chegg Alternatives in this article. In accordance with your needs, you can choose the finest solution.

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What is Chegg?

Alternative to chegg tutors
Alternative to chegg tutors

American educational company Chegg. It helps students throughout the world with their academics and provides them with a variety of aid that makes studying simple. In order to use its services, the student must pay.

Students receive assistance with their schoolwork as well as a number of other options, including scholarships and internships.

List of 10+ Other Chegg Alternative Apps & Websites for Earning in 2022

  1. Bartleby
  2. PaperHelp
  3. Coursera
  4. Writers per hour
  5. Course Hero
  6. Quizlet
  7. Book Finder
  8. Stack Exchange
  9. SellBackBooks

Detail of Chegg Alternative Apps & Websites for making money in 2022

1. Bartleby : An alternative to chegg tutors

Many websites that are comparable to Chegg concentrate on providing homework assistance. Bartleby is one of such them. Four main service options are provided on this website, including:

  • Bartleby Tutor
  • Bartleby Write
  • Bartleby Learn
  • Bartleby+

The monthly cost is merely USD 9.99, despite the fact that this is a paid service. Bartleby, however, is not proficient in editing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by this software to edit your work and detect plagiarism.

However, this platform shines in other areas, especially if you enjoy using Bartleby Learn and Tutor, so it’s not a huge worry. Naturally, you can take out some books from Bartleby’s large library.

2. PaperHelp: other websites like Chegg

One of the greatest alternatives to Chegg and perhaps the best Paper Writing Service is PaperHelp. Its outstanding services are deserving of praise. Students have the option to select the kind of writing they want to use for their assignment. PaperHelp also helps students create unique content that hasn’t been written before.

Everything is based on the preferences of the learner. The deadline can be added by the student, and PaperHelp will make sure to submit the assignment on time. Depending on the preference the student has chosen, there may be a fee.

Additionally, PaperHelp guarantees students’ privacy. Information and data are completely secure from interference by outside parties. What more do you require? The greatest premium substitute for Chegg is PaperHelp.

3. Coursera: A site similar to Chegg

It is taken into account by websites like Chegg. Through this online resource, thousands of online courses are accessible. Without a doubt, anyone in the world can take advantage of the services offered by this platform.

The website’s partnership with more than 200 institutions worldwide is among its most exciting features. Students should therefore consider this website when looking for a place to learn online.

Because it provides a variety of degree programs that are significantly less expensive than those offered on campus, certain consumers favor Coursera. Meanwhile, the courses are overseen by a number of renowned institutions, including Yale and Princeton University.

4. Writers per hour: A website similar to Chegg

Using Writers per Hour to access Chegg is a fantastic additional alternative. It is a trustworthy essay writing service that assesses original, custom writings.

The media professionals on staff are highly equipped to handle a variety of written assignments, including urgent articles, research, dissertations, and essays. They also feature friendly customer service representatives and adaptable refund policies.

Additionally, your first order will be discounted by 15% for you.

5. Course Hero: Other site like Chegg

The best Chegg substitute is Course Hero. There are over 60 million study items in its library.

You can ask a question and receive a response in as little as 15 minutes in addition to looking up textbook problems and solutions.

Chegg is pricier; however, monthly subscriptions are only $9.95. Membership includes a specific number of questions each month, but a free plan requires you to pay for each question.

Finding study resources is really easy. To find the study resources that are most pertinent to the course you are enrolled in, you can do a subject- or institution-specific search.

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6. Quizlet: Best alternative to Chegg

It is a well-known educational app and a strong rival to Chegg. There are several ways Quizlet may help you with your academic work.

In-depth explanations, textbook solutions, and solutions to quiz problems are all available on Quizlet. To find solutions or explanations, type in the subject, ISBN, or title of the book. Quizlet provides solutions one at a time, making it easier for you to understand the concepts.

Additionally, it offers a selection of interactive activities to support learning. Examples of this include interactive games, tests, and flashcards. Study packages made up of photos, graphs, and audio can be created and saved to your computer for offline usage.

In the meanwhile, Quizlet Learn uses machine learning to help you with your studies. Construct a study set with the material you want to learn, choose a due date, and Quizlet Learn will create a learning schedule for you to follow. Following that, the application offers you reminders, tracks your development, and helps you grasp the concepts.

The annual invoice for Quizlet Plus is $3 each month. A few restrictions in terms of features and explanations apply to the free account. For the web, Android, and iOS, Quizlet has apps.

7. Book Finder: A Chegg tutor alternative

In the meanwhile, Book Finder is a good choice if you’re looking for a service similar to Chegg that enables you to borrow textbooks. This website is renowned for its commitment to providing educational resources to everyone who requires them.

In 1997, this platform was initially created. You can borrow items from a variety of collections nowadays, which will undoubtedly help your academic writing. The best part is that anyone in the world can use the services.

Users of the Book Finder portal can look for books from a range of booksellers across the globe. After all, the price is negotiable.

8. Stack Exchange: Chegg alternative site

A great site to go if you need assistance with inquiries and answers is Stack Exchange. One of the best places to find answers to any issue is the Stack Exchange network, which has more than 170 sites and domains with each one devoted to a specific subject.

There are far more topics available than on Chegg, including both simple and complex technological problems.

In contrast to Chegg, you are not required to pay a fee to ask questions on Stack Exchange. On Stack Exchange, anyone may respond to a question; you don’t need to be an expert, and your coworkers don’t review the answers.

Or to put it another way, be careful when evaluating the responses. Don’t place all of your trust in them; do more investigation.

On the other side, individuals deserve medals for proposing solutions that others find useful. Badges come in copper, silver, and gold varieties. The likelihood that your response is accurate and true increases with the amount of information on the badges.

9. SellBackBooks: A website like Chegg but free

This is a great choice if you frequently use Chegg to exchange textbooks. It’s because you can earn some extra money by selling used textbooks that you won’t be using again on the SellBackBooks website.

To find out the price, just check up on the book’s ISBN. Then you can sell the book and quickly receive payment by using their direct transfer feature.

Even shipping expenses won’t be a concern for you because they’ll be covered. Traditional campus bookstores will offer you a higher price for your used books, and many students everywhere have faith in them.

10. A top Chegg alternative free

A great Chegg alternative is if you’re seeking a micro-tutor. It is an excellent Chegg Alternative for earning money and includes tutoring, classes, books, and admissions tools. You will be tutored by professionals who are employed by the best educational institutions.

Before contacting the tutors, you can carefully study their profiles. You can get in touch with the tutor and set up a session if you think they are a suitable fit for your requirements.

It is applicable to students of all ages. For instance, if you are a parent of a young child and do not feel that you have enough time or attention to devote to your child, you can hire a tutor to guide your child.

Additionally, if the tutoring session went well, you may always come back and arrange additional sessions with the same tutor. There is no need for you to sign an unnecessary and lengthy contract with the tutor because you must pay for each session separately.


Is there any other site like Chegg?

Course Hero is the leading substitute for Chegg. In terms of the extensive library of resources it offers, which ranges from textbook solutions to live expert Q&A, it is most comparable to Chegg. Not only that, but you can also access cost-free Q&As and receive professional assistance without spending a dime by uploading study materials and introducing friends.

Is there a free alternative to Chegg?

Quora. Because it’s free, Quora is a great Chegg substitute. You can ask as many questions as you’d like and get knowledgeable responses on any subject, even touchy ones.


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