How to get a Canadian visitor visa? What is the procedure?


A visitor visa is also known as a tourist visa. There are so many beautiful places in Canada to explore such as elegant lakes, forested valleys, deserts, and breathtaking popular towns like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, and Quebec. However, to visit these places individual must need a Canadian visitor /tourist visa. Let’s discuss Canadian visitor visas in detail

Type of visitor visa

1. A Single entry visa

2. Multiple entry visa

Canada city Toronto
Canada city Toronto

Single entry visa

A single entry Canadian visitor visa permits immigrants to enter Canada for a single time.

Multiple entry Visa

A multi-entry Canadian visitor visa allows keepers/holders to enter and left Canada after a specific period decided by the Canadian government. But an individual can again enter as long as the visa is valid. Multiple visa holders are allowed to visit Canada six months at a time as many times as individuals want.

Multiple tourists Visa is valid for 10 years. If the applicant has some other reputation documents like a work permit or study permit and is now not in any other case visa-exempt, individuals will robotically get a visitor visa permitting you to enter Canada to get the preserve of your permit.

If a person picks out to quickly leave Canada all through the route of study or temporary work, you will now not need to take a look at for a new visitor visa to again enter Canada as long as your permit and visa are each on the other hand valid.

How to apply?

Candidates can apply visitor visa for Canada online, with a paper file, or in person at the visa application center. Out of three ways applying the online method is quite easier and hassle-free.  If applicants travel with their family, each member of the family including dependent children must finish their application by itself. Though one person can submit all of the applications together.

If biometrics is mandatory, applicants need to provide their fingerprints at the biometric collection spot. Biometrics can be taken after submitting the tourist visa application. Once biometric is done your application is processed.  Visa Officials may ask for an interview with the applicant. Note that if documents are incomplete file will be returned without processing.

Documents required for Canada visitor/tourists visa:

There are the lists of documents that are required to apply for a tourist visa to Canada

  • Original passport with six months valid from the date of entry in Canada + previous passport( if any)
  • Colored photographs with white background( 4 photos)
  • Details of the applicant and detail of other family members moving with an applicant.
  • Air tickets.
  • Leave letter from college /school/employer
  • Last 6-month salary slips(if job)
  • Personal bank account statements for the last 6 months with sufficient balance.
  • ITR (income tax returns) for the last 3 years.
  • Financial documents like FD, property paper, share, etc.
  • If retired –retried proof/pension passbook. 

Visa fees:

Visitor visa for a single person – 100$ CAD

Visitor visa for a family member (5or more) – 500$ CAD

Extension on visitor visa per person– 100$CAD

Processing time:

Canada tourist visa processing time is a maximum of 15 days. The visa processing time may be different depending on the exact location of the application place /center, applicant cases, and documents submitted.

Important note: Applicants must get health insurance because the Canadian government does not pay for medical services for tourists.

 So initiate planning and start your journey in Canada.

Canada official immigration site

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