10 Top Blockchain Games to Make Money Online 2022 | P2E Games As passive income business ideas


Are you a game lover? Want to make your passion a profession? If so, then you have come to the right place. We will show you how you can use P2E Games as a passive income.

The gaming industry’s current degree of popularity can be attributed to traditional games. But this is a blockchain application. The gaming business is changing as a result of the Block chain’s expansion.

The players now control the gaming industry, not the developer. Players are the only decision-makers in the blockchain realm, thus they shouldn’t be disregarded. Without further ado, here is a list of 20 games that can earn you insane sums of money.

List of ways to make passive income from P2E (play-to-earn) Blockchain Games

Best passive income strategies for playing to earn blockchain games
Best passive income strategies for playing to earn blockchain games

List of the passive income Ideas

  1. The Sandbox – Earn Money by Playing Blockchain Game
  2. Upland – Property Trading Blockchain Game
  3. Cryptopop – Earn ETH Android App
  4. Axie Infinity – Games with the highest P2E blockchain profits:
  5. Illuvium – Earn with Blockchain Game
  6. Sorare Fantasy Football – Playing fantasy football is rare.
  7. Blankos Block Party – NFT-based Game to Earn Money
  8. MegaCryptoPolis3D – Best Blockchain game to earn money
  9. Mobox – Make Cash with Binance Smart Chain
  10. Neon District – Blockchain game for passive income crypto

How to make money with blankos | Define mythical marketplace blankos

Detail of P2E (play-to-earn) Blockchain Games as passive income business idea

1.     The Sandbox – p2e crypto game with passive income ideas 2022

The first game on our list and one of the top blockchain games for earning money is Sandbox. Games have become a phenomenon among gamers, much like Roblox and Minecraft, thanks to their features.

Players can own land, erect buildings, play games, and engage in activities in this virtual environment or metaverse.

It can be an interesting experience for artists or tiny developers who aren’t familiar with other gaming engines to be able to make money NFT from the experiences they build in the metaverse by purchasing a sandbox piece of virtual land.

Players ultimately contribute to the ongoing development of this metaverse by purchasing and selling all Sandbox features with the SAND token.

Players can exchange NFTs, which are used to alter the appearance of their avatars, in addition to purchasing and selling virtual land.

2.     Upland – p2e games to earn passive income 2022

In this Blockchain-based game, users may trade and buy virtual land that mimics the real world. In the game, “digital landlords” can construct properties and receive UPX for doing so.

How to Earn Upland UPX & Trade Upland Property?

The maps of New York and San Francisco were shown in the game. It enables you to buy virtual properties that are offered for sale and tied to actual addresses in these two cities.

Players can now stock properties with real money thanks to the game’s recently added PropertytoUSD beta program.

3.     Cryptopop – best p2e games for alternative income

You are halfway through this game if you have played sugar crush, which is a game you most likely have. It is merely Candy Crush on the blockchain.

However, you can get points by matching the cryptocurrency symbols that show on the screen rather than getting the soda here.

Your goals alter as you unlock new levels and as you play more matches and earn more points.

Players can also increase their income by publicly trading with other players in the in-game market. Ether and Popcorn are the two main currencies used by Cryptopop.

4.     Axie Infinity – most profitable and free-to-play passive income p2e games

The main Pokémon-inspired Axie Infinity, but as it is a blockchain-based game, it also incorporated Crypto Kitties along with the pokemon.

Here, users compete against each other in a variety of settings while purchasing and breeding adorable little creatures called Axies.

Due to its gameplay and aesthetics, Axie is not for everyone, but if you play, it can open a whole new source of revenue.

To begin, players must purchase a minimum of three Axies, with the least expensive going for 0.0421 ETH (about $75).

This is a significant initial outlay, but the time and effort you put into the game can pay off because winning battles rewards you with Small Love Potions (SLPs).

These SLPs or utility tokens can be used to breed additional Axies, which you can then sell to other players. The more breeds an Axie has, the more pricey it gets.

5.     Illuvium – Earn with Blockchain Game

The beta version of ILLuvium will be available in the first quarter of 2022. After making an account, you can begin playing the game. The game is the first AAA game to be developed on Ethereum.

All in-game profits, in contrast to the majority of other games, are distributed to users and stakeholders. Through the Illuvian DAO, players can cast votes on purchase decisions.

The Illuvials who inhabit this open-world fantasy battle system with its various classes, races, and skills are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be gathered by players and used in battles with other Illuvial. They can continue to exchange ILV tokens for their animals.

6.     Sorare Fantasy Football – one of the best passive earning game

If you have ever collected football cards, you will adore this game. Sorare has combined Blockchain technology and card collections. You can now trade in the card for a nice sum of money.

Players in the game assemble teams of five players by placing bids or exchanging cards at the Sorare marketplace. The players on the cards and the results achieved are used to determine their value.

Each player only receives one unique card per season, making them the most valuable to possess. The remainder is handled via blockchain, which makes sure that players can trade their cards with trust, know they aren’t buying fake cards, and have access to every card’s complete history on the market.

Top 10 Blankos Block Party Alternatives

7.     Blankos Block Party – NFT-based Game to Earn Money

Have you heard of the fabled sports? If you have, there’s a good probability that you’ve played Bloankos before.

Investors have been quite interested in limited edition Blankos, especially following the success of the company’s partnerships with Deadmau5 and Burberry.

The primary goal of the game is to let players create their own distinctive characters as digital vinyl toys, with a focus on unique designs.

Additionally, it enables users to build and explore virtual worlds where they can gather special “Blankos,” take part in missions and play group games known as “Block Parties,” offering users ample opportunity to have fun and money makes some money at the same time.

8.     MegaCryptoPolis3D – with online income ideas

The fantasy realm for individuals who enjoy acting as godfathers is MegaCryptoPolis3D. Like they are the only ones there who are like them. So this blockchain-based technology is a dream come true for you.

You can purchase, create, and sell land on the Ethereum-based game’s metaverse game map. Both mobile devices and PCs may play the game.

Money can make money while playing the game by performing services, promoting your business online, and collecting taxes on the real estate you own.

9.     Mobox – p2e passive cash idea

Mobox utilises Defi, sometimes referred to as decentralized finance, and runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

The idea behind the game is to gather players and inverters from many network blockchains in one location. To be more explicit, the game’s primary goal is to give users the freedom to take part in NFT games while still earning money NFT.

In order to control resource development and allocation inside the MOBOX ecosystem, the gamer gives players MBOX tokens for use in transaction processing, staking, and governance.

10. Neon District – best passive income strategies for play to earn Blockchain games

Players in the sci-fi-themed game battle their way across Unity City. They pick up fresh knowledge and special NFTs from a game kit on the route to the city.

This gold can be traded in the game’s marketplace, where ETH is the primary asset. Playing the game will give you a complete understanding of it, especially when you encounter plasma bears.

You will encounter plasma bears as foes on your journey through the chaotic backstreets of the enormous cityscape, as well as riddles to work out and “trading card game fighting mechanics” to master.


The Blockchain ecosystem’s most intriguing component is about to emerge: the crypto gaming industry. Only a small portion of the market’s offerings are represented by the top 10 crypto games described on this page.

However, it is reasonable to predict that play-to-earn cryptocurrency games will continue to exist, offering investors a unique chance to make passive income crypto.

You can purchase well-known digital tokens like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Sandbox from eToro if you want to enter the blockchain game business.

The eToro platform is not only easy to use, but it also enables you to buy a cryptocurrency for an industry-leading fee starting at just $10 per trade.


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