List of 10 Blockchain as a Services Companies in USA, UK, Australia, India


Top Developers provide a thoroughly curated list of the most dependable Blockchain developers. The organizations listed below have been determined to be reliable and trustworthy after a thorough review. The seasoned teams here have received great feedback from their loyal clientele as a result of their professionalism and dedication to the top Blockchain projects they work on. They can effectively transform your concepts into a Blockchain solution that will aid in the expansion of your organization.

List of 10 Blockchain as a Services Companies in the USA, UK, and Australia

Cryptocurrency exchange software development Company
Cryptocurrency exchange software development Company
  1. Primafelicitas Ltd
  2. SoluLab Inc
  3. Bloq
  4. TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Nettechnocrats IT Services Pvt
  6. Zfort Group
  7. Curvegrid
  8. Amazon Managed Blockchain
  9. Applied Blockchain
  10. akaChain

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Detail of 10 best Blockchain as a Services Companies in United States America, United Kingdom, and Australia

1.    Primafelicitas Ltd: Blockchain Development Company

PrimaFelicitas offer all web & mobile solutions design and development, Blockchain development, and digital marketing.

It is a full-service product development company with offices in San Francisco and London. It also engages in market research and digital marketing.

PrimaFelicitas is investigating the worlds of many emerging technologies, such as top Blockchain Technology, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and others, with a team of qualified and experienced individuals.

Customers who work with PrimaFelicitas receive extensive support as they refine their concepts and proceed with business growth. They have clients all over the world and have completed thousands of projects using various technologies effectively.

2.    SoluLab Inc: A Blockchain Platform Company

With expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile blockchain application development, and website creation, SoluLab Inc. is a leading provider of digital and technological solutions.

As the top worldwide enterprise top blockchain development business, we are well-known. Quality, promptness, and attention to the needs of the client are our three main priorities.

Our clients are now more successful and productive because to our tailored IT solutions. Without sacrificing quality, we deliver cost-effective IT services within agreed-upon deadlines.

A team of outstanding UX/UI designers, skilled engineers, and adaptable strategists work together at SoluLab to creatively apply cutting-edge technology to create one-of-a-kind IT solutions.

We have executed more than 90 high-end projects with a success rate of over 95% since 2014, and we have 50+ illustrious clientele.

For mid-sized to large businesses across all industries, we are a dependable technology partner.

Join together with us to develop the most innovative and engaging IT solutions for your company.

3.    Bloq: Best Crypto Cloud Company

Bloq offers a range of blockchain tools to help companies create intelligent contracts and blockchain solutions that handle important business concerns like security and authentication.

Businesses can store Blockchain technology created on the platform thanks to this.

Individuals or Blockchain companies to meet their unique needs can also customize the BaaS platform from Bloq.

For businesses of all sizes, they offer to build Defi, mining, the metaverse, and other services.

Some of its ongoing and planned initiatives like Vesper, Titan, and Atmos, give Bloq experience in the blockchain as a services infrastructure.

4.    TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.: Top Cryptocurrency Development Company

One of the Top blockchain Companies for Mobile blockchain Application Development in India and the USA is TechGropse. With a 51+ Team of Devoted Android and iOS Developers, we have served 100+ Clients.

We provide services across several industries, including taxi booking apps, restaurant apps, healthcare apps, retail apps, and business apps.

We offer robust and scalable Android blockchain application development to our clients worldwide using the Agile Methodology. Make an exceptional Android app with us by getting in touch!

Developing a B2C Agriculture E-commerce Platform

5.    Nettechnocrats IT Services Pvt: One of the Best Blockchain app developer

A provider of high-quality, SEO-friendly, fluid websites and other IT solutions to a variety of clients and sectors, Nettechnocrats is a digital and web solutions firm. Website development, blockchain software development, UX/UI design, QA & Testing, and SEO services are among the spectrum of services we offer.

A staff of more than 100 skilled designers, developers, and project managers supports Nettechnocrats, enabling it to create blockchain cutting-edge web designs, feature-rich mobile apps, and increase ROI rates. In just 8 years, we have created 210+ mobile apps for both Android and iOS, utilizing cutting-edge development tools like Native and Hybrid technologies.

In numerous nations throughout the world, including the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and others, we have more than 1000 happy clients. Top brands, mid-sized companies, and startups can choose from a variety of IT solutions from B2B to B2E provided by Nettechnocrats.

The business has established itself as having the best and most specialized IT solutions on the market. We devotedly provide solutions with a guarantee of quality in a totally professional and timely manner.

6.    Zfort Group: cryptocurrency wallet development services

The Zfort Group creates software to address actual business issues. They have created a tried-and-true technique for each of the 16 industries they support over the years.

This enables them to deliver custom blockchain software development to businesses on schedule and under budget, free from the normal project delays and inaccurate estimations.

Zfort Group aims to give customers more than what a company may anticipate from an engineering team.

They also offer project management, quality control, business analysis, and consultancy in addition to BaaS services.

7.    Curvegrid: For Proper Blockchain start-ups

In order to learn more about top blockchain technology, Curvegrid, which was formed in 2017, has contributed to the development of a whole new industry.

The business was founded while top blockchain technology was still in its infancy and lacked the resources that today’s programmers need to quickly create complex best blockchain applications.

A top-tier group of best blockchain engineers was assembled by Curvegrid to develop MultiBaas, the platform that would ultimately make the best Blockchain development efficient and approachable and position the company as one of the best BaaS providers in the market.

NFTeaPot, MultiBaas NFT, MultiBass Bridge, and other standout MultiBaas goods are among their offerings.

8.    Amazon Managed Blockchain: Top Blockchain Technologies Company

With the help of Amazon Operated best Blockchain, scalable blockchain networks can be built and managed as a completely managed service. They offer blockchain built on the well-liked open-source frameworks Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

Businesses may effortlessly scale blockchain networks as the network’s application demand increases over time with the help of Amazon Managed Blockchain.

Utilizing Managed Blockchain’s APIs, a network member can simply add a new peer node whenever they require more processing power for generating and validating transactions.

With Amazon Managed Blockchain, businesses can quickly build blockchain networks spanning several AWS accounts, enabling a group of users to perform transactions and share data without the need for a central authority.

9.    Applied Blockchain: A Blockchain app development company

Since 2016, Applied best Blockchain, based in London, UK, has created and implemented hundreds of blockchain applications, ranging from the NFT marketplace for well-known musicians to cutting-edge DeFi protocols and Web3 dapps.

They have created numerous Algorand, Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum blockchain applications. Additionally, they are experts in next-generation top blockchain technologies including London Bridge, a hardware-secured bridge for cross-chain asset transactions between Algorand, Ethereum, and other EVM chains, and SilentData, a secrecy data oracle for off-chain data.

10. AkaChain: Blockchain software development company

FPT Software powers akaChain, the best blockchain for the business platform.

Built on the industry-standard enterprise best blockchain platform HyperLedger Fabric, akaChain offers a special security approach and consensus.

It promotes openness and trust while upholding the data privacy requirements of businesses.

The use of the best Blockchain has altered how consumers conduct business.

Thus, they provide the supply chain in the simplest and most straightforward manner. Personalization is a powerful marketing tool. The verification procedure is efficient and open. With akaChain, all of this is achievable.


In the quick-moving world of best blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is simple to get lost. Every day, new businesses pop up, making it essential to navigate this environment by understanding the fundamentals. We hope that our thorough analysis of the top blockchain-based firms in the UK was informative and offered you a clear picture of what the best blockchain industry will look like in 2022.


What companies are developing Blockchain technology?

Leading Ethereum blockchain development company Consensys. It creates enterprise solutions, applications, and developer tools for the Ethereum network. They offer blockchain solutions for global trade and commerce, decentralized finance, payments, institutional capital markets, asset management, and payments.

What is the best crypto?

In terms of market value, user base, and popularity, Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies.

What is a crypto cloud company?

A new secure cloud computing architecture is called crypto cloud computing. The economics of scale are what fuel the large-scale distributed computing model known as cloud computing. It incorporates a number of resources, including computing power, storage, platforms, and services, that have been abstracted, virtualized, dynamically scalable, and managed.


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