20 Best Startups Business Ideas for Developing Countries


Are you a resident of a developing nation? Looking for successful business concepts? Here is a list of the best of business prospects and ideas for emerging nations.

The general consensus is that third-world nations provide fewer commercial prospects. Additionally, starting a business there is more difficult. However, it is no longer accurate. The majority of developing nations have abundant natural resources. There are numerous things to discover as well. In fact, it might sometimes be simpler to explore new firms in this area because the industry hasn’t yet been saturated.

Actually, there are a number of factors that can be used to determine whether a nation is developing or developed. The HDI (human development index) is yet another variable to be evaluated. Generally speaking, emerging nations have lower per capita GDPs than developed nations. India, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia are a few of the largest developing nations.

The company ideas listed below will undoubtedly assist you in launching an enterprise there, regardless of whether you are a citizen of a developing country or wish to invest there as an outsider.

List of top 20 Startups Business Ideas for Developing Countries

Online and offline business start ups
Online business start ups
  1. Cash Crop Farming
  2. Computer Related Business
  3. Construction Related Business
  4. Crafts Making & Selling
  5. Distribution Business
  6. Ecommerce Business
  7. Fish Farming
  8. Healthcare Related Business
  9. Import Export Business
  10. Small Scale Manufacturing Business
  11. Recycling Business
  12. Retail Store
  13. Travel Business
  14. Tutoring Service
  15. Woodworking
  16. Real Estate Business

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Detail of Best Startups Business Ideas

1. Cash Crop Farming: A perfect startup business idea

In most third-world nations, agriculture is the most significant industry. Additionally, growing cash crops guarantees higher income than any other farming activity. So, if you’re looking to make money in the agriculture industry, you might think about investing in cash crop farming.

2. Computer Related Business: A business start-up suggestion

Third-world nations are typically a major market for both computer-related goods and services. Computer and accessory sales, computer assembly, etc., are some of the most lucrative product-related enterprises. Additionally, think about service-based enterprises like computer training facilities, computer repair shops, antivirus software vendors, etc.

3. Construction Related Business: An easy start-up business

You can think about starting a construction-related business if you prefer working outside. Today, developing nations provide a good market for the building industry. There are several niche markets that you may investigate with minimal expenditure, despite the impression that starting a construction business demands a significant capital outlay.

4. Crafts Making & Selling: A business with low startup costs

You may want to start a crafts business if you prefer working from home and have a creative mind. Starting a business from home requires a relatively small initial financial outlay. Additionally, you can purchase the crafting goods online or at a nearby wholesale market.

5. Distribution Business: an easy business to start up

You may launch a distribution firm successfully in emerging nations because of the increased population density there. FMCG, food, personal care, chemicals, fresh produce, and other FMCG products are among the most profitable products and small businesses.

6. Ecommerce Business: the easiest business to start up

It goes without saying that the emerging markets for eCommerce in the modern era are developing nations. So starting an online store is very beneficial in third-world nations. When your product list isn’t too long, you can focus on marketing items that will bring in the most money for your clients.

7. Fish Farming: A good business to start

People living in third-world nations have yet another fantastic opportunity thanks to this. Additionally, there are several water bodies and resources available for launching a fish farming enterprise. You will require significant financial resources, as well as access to land and high-quality water bodies, to launch a successful fish farming enterprise.

8. Healthcare Related Business:

Practically speaking, healthcare is a major problem in poor nations. In general, people must rely on private institutions during dire circumstances. As a result, you can create a variety of product- and service-based opportunities with little to medium investments in the business.

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9. Import Export Business:

Actually, both developed and developing nations profit from the import-export sector. Most developing nations export a variety of goods around the world. You can think about starting a firm in the international trade sector, depending on the resources that are accessible in your nation. Examine the licensing concerns in great detail.

10. Small Scale Manufacturing Business:

In developing nations, small-scale manufacturing is the ideal opportunity. Additionally, there are a variety of goods you could consider manufacturing in a tiny unit. If you wish to start with a small budget, you can establish a home-based manufacturing business.

However, a small-scale manufacturing business requires a larger initial capital expenditure if you wish to launch as a full unit. It also requires careful planning. Choose the product carefully based on the market’s potential and the resources at your disposal.

11. Recycling Business:

Although the majority of people are aware of the consequences of not recycling unwanted materials, many more do not even know that recycling may be a successful business. You need to be familiar with the unique recycling procedures for the goods you want to recycle. Moreover, you can profit greatly from this business.

12. Retail Store:

In developing nations, where there is a very high population density, retail operations have a higher success rate. Additionally, you can think about starting a specialty retail business with a low initial cost. A successful retail firm must have access to products of higher quality, a stronger supply chain, and a one-stop shop with a wide range of brands and products.

13. Travel Business:

Third-world nations typically have an abundance of natural resources. Additionally, the nations are well-liked as vacation spots. Adventure tourism, medical tourism, ecotourism, etc., are the most well-liked sub-segments. So, if you’re seeking a business opportunity that will be profitable in developing nations, you might want to start a travel-related enterprise.

14. Tutoring Service:

If you enjoy instructing, you might want to think about starting a tutoring service with almost little financial outlay. You can start tutoring on a part-time basis even if you already work a 9 to 5 job.

15. Woodworking:

You can start a woodworking business even from home if you have a creative mind and enjoy crafting things out of wood. There are many different types of woods to be found in the majority of third-world nations. Therefore, there is never a problem with raw materials being available.

16. Real Estate Business:

Another sector that is expanding quickly in practically all developing nations is real estate. This sector is huge and can be launched with both a sizable and small expenditure. Real estate agencies or purchasing tiny parcels of land and reselling them at a higher price can be good possibilities to make big money if you have a limited budget or do not want to invest significantly before testing the water.

Third-world nations make it simpler to launch a business than developed nations do. However, before starting a business in a developing nation, you must assess the market and product possibilities.


Which business is the simplest to launch?

For a newcomer, a service-based firm is the easiest to launch. Any type of business where you sell services is a service business. In other words, rather than selling goods or things, you sell your ability, labor, or expertise.

Can I launch a business without any capital?

It is entirely feasible to launch a firm without any capital, or with so little that you won’t even notice it. If you’re willing to put in the necessary effort, creativity, and resourcefulness, your business can get off the ground quickly.


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