Best phone 2022: The top 10 smartphones you can buy anywhere in the world


Technology brings us the best mobile phones/smartphones with amazing features. Here we showcase a list of 10 the best and most appreciated cell phones in 2022 worldwide.

  1. iPhone 13 mini.
  2. Google pixel 6pro 5G
  3. Google pixel 6 5G
  4. One plus 9 pro 5G
  5. Xiaomi11 lite NE 5G
  6. Samsung galaxy Z fold 3
  7. Samsung galaxy Z flip 3
  8. Redmi note 11T 5G
  9. One plus 9RT 5G
  10. One plus Nord2 5G
The best smartphones
The best smartphones

Description of 10 best mobile phones:

1. iPhone 13 mini: 

iPhone 13mini is considered one of the best cell smartphones in 2021.  It was released in market on 14 September 2021. Some important features of iPhone 13mini are:

  • Brand: apple
  • Display 5.40inch (1080*2340)
  • Dimension(mm) 131.50*64.20*7.65
  • Apple A15 bionic
  • Camera- front camera(12MP)
  • Back camera( 12MP+12MP)
  • Storage capacity – internal storage 128GB,256GB (red)
  • Processor-Hexacore
  • Operating system –iOS 15
  •  Sim port: 2 (sim 1 – Nano sim ) ( SIM 2- eSIM)
  • Color variation: Starlight, Midnight, blue pink.

Price of iPhone 13 mini is INR 69,900.

2.  Google pixel 6 pro:

Google pixel 6pro was launched on 19 October 2021. It is second most popular and sold smartphones in market in 2021. Let’s see more specification below:

  • Brand :  Google
  • Display: 6.70-inch
  • Processor: Google tensor
  • Front camera-11.10MP ,rear camera- 50MP+12MP+48MP
  • Storage capacity: 128GB
  • Ram- 12 GB
  • Battery backup- 5003mAh
  • Operating system- android12
  • Color available-cloudy white, Sorta  sunny, stormy black Color
  • WEIGHT- 210.00 grams.

Some other features are fingerprint sensor, magnetometer, dual sim. Price of Google pixel pro is 97500 INR. People can buy this cell phone from online website such as Amazon, flip kart etc.


Google pixel 6 5g cell phone was released on 19 October 2021.It consists of certain interesting properties:

  • Display: 6.40-inch(1080*2400)
  • Processor: Google tensor
  • Front camera-8MP ,rear camera- 50MP+12MP
  • Storage capacity: 128GB
  • Ram- 12 GB
  • Battery capacity- 4614mAh
  • Operating system- Android12
  • Color available- Kinda coral, Sorta Seafoam, and stormy black Color.
  • WEIGHT- 207.00 grams.

The Google pixel accept 2SIM (Nano-SIM, Esim).It also include sensor that consists Accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and fingerprint sensor .Google connectivity option in Google pixel 6 ARE Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth. Price of this mobile phone is 61490 INR.


One plus pro 9 phone was launched on 14 October 2020 in India. It costs RS 64999. individuals can buy this product from online shopping sites and local one plus mobile centers. Some important features of one plus pro 9 are:

  • Dimension: height-16.32cm, width-7.36cm, thickness- 0.87cm.
  • Weight-197grams
  • Display: size-17.02cm,resolution-3216*1440pixels 525ppi
  • Operating system:  android11
  • Storage capacity:128GB/256GB
  • Battery capacity:4500mAh9 non-removable)
  • RAM-8GB/12GB
  • Camera: front camera- 16MP, Rear camera- 48MP+50MP+8MP.


Xiaomi 11 LITE NE cell phone was launched on 15 September is renowned for its fabulous camera clarity. Its price in market or on online websites is 26,999. Specification of this phone is:

  • Brand: XIAOMI
  • Display 6.55inch (1080*2400)
  • Dimension(mm) 131.50*64.20*7.65
  • Camera- front camera(20MP)
  • Back camera( 64MP+8MP+5MP)
  • Storage capacity – internal storage 128GB
  • RAM- 6GB
  • Processor- Octa-core
  • Operating system –android 11.
  •  Sim port: 2 (sim 1 – Nano sim ) ( SIM 2- Esim )
  • Color variation: peach pink, snowflake white, bubblegum blue, and truffle black color.


The important or attractive feature of Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 is folding 7.6-inch AMOLED display .It was released on 11 august 2011. Brief information about this cell phone is given below:

  • Brand :  Samsung
  • Display: 7.60-inch(2208*1768)
  • Processor: OCTA-CORE
  • Front camera-10MP+4MP ,rear camera- 12MP+12MP+12MP
  • Storage capacity: 256GB
  • Ram- 12GB
  • Battery backup- 4400mAh
  • Operating system- android11
  • Color available –Phantom black, Phantom green Phantom silver
  • WEIGHT- 271.00 grams.

Some other features are fingerprint sensor, magnetometer, dual sim.  149,999INR is the price of Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3. People can buy this cell phone from online website such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra etc.


It is second foldable mobile phone launched by Samsung. It was announced on 11 august 2021. Other specific properties of Samsung galaxy z flip 3 are:

  • Dimension: folded 72.2*86.4*17.1mm
  • Weight:183g
  • Display : 6.7” Inch
  • RAM and storage : 8GB and 128/256GB
  • Battery capacity : Dual cell battery 3300mAh
  • Security : Face recognition , Sensor, Finger print
  • Front Camera : 10MP
  • Rear Camera : 12MP+12MP
  • Colors availability : Phantom Black , Cream Green , Lavender Gray , White Pink
  • Price : 59999INR

8.  Redmi note 11T 5G:

Redmi note 11T 5G Mobile represented on 30th November 2021. This phone came with a 6.60 inch touch screen display which has 1080*2400 pixels.

  • Display : 6.60 inch (1080*2400)
  • Processor : Mediatek Dimensity 810
  • Front Camera : 16MP
  • Rear Camera : 50MP+8MP
  • RAM : 6GB
  • Storage : 64GB
  • Battery Capacity  : 5000mAh
  • OS : Android
  • Price : 16,999 INR

9. One plus 9RT 5G:

One plus 9RT 5G launched on 23March, 2021. Features of one plus 9RT are:

  • Display: 6.62 inch
  • Network : GSM/CDMA/HSPA / EVDO/LTE/5G
  • Front Camera : 16MP
  • Rear Camera : 50MP
  • RAM : 8GB
  • Storage : 128GB
  • Battery Capacity : Li-Po 4500mAh
  • OS: Android
  • Price : 42,999 INR

10.  One plus Nord2 5G:

It is one of most successful Smartphone of one plus brand. It was launched in 22 July 2021. Specification of one plus Nord 2 is listed below:

  • Display: 6.43inch
  • Front Camera : 8MP
  • Rear Camera : 50MP
  • RAM : 6GB/8GB/12GB
  • Storage :128GB/256GB
  • Battery Capacity : 4500mAh
  • Price range  : 29,999 to 34,999 INR
  • Operating system: android 11
  • Colors: blue haze, green wood, gray sierra.
  • Weight: 189.00gram

Some other good features such as connectivity (Bluetooth Wi-Fi), good camera performance, dual sim.

Nowadays smartphone era is going to be changed with a transparent smartphone, manufactures are trying their best to enhance the transparent technique to grow their business in the smartphone field. I hope soon some best smartphones will be in our hands.


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