10 Best IDO Launchpad Development Companies in USA, UK, and UAE


Launchpads for cryptocurrencies, also known as IDO platforms, are used to introduce new coins, launch cryptocurrency projects, and increase liquidity. They represent the future of digital commerce, particularly for decentralized money.

Any new project that is launched on a decentralized exchange platform using coins or tokens can raise funds on an IDO platform. People from all backgrounds are able to participate to the project because it uses a blockchain-based methodology.

Launchpads give normal investors access to opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors, claims CryptoMinati Capital.

If you conduct thorough research, make sure to identify the greatest projects as soon as they are launched. For instance, a Telegram channel called Crypto Gaming Bulls, which assists individuals with gaming IDOs, has a community that debates whether a project is excellent or terrible.

List of Top 10 Launchpad Apps Development Companies

IDO Launchpad Development Companies in USA, UK, and UAE
IDO Launchpad Development Companies in USA, UK, and UAE

Name of 10 top Launchpad Development Companies

  1. FireStarter
  2. BSCPad
  3. GameFi
  4. Seedify
  5. TrustPad
  6. DAO Maker
  7. Bounce
  8. PAID Network
  9. Starpunk
  10. Red Kite

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Deatil of 10 best Launchpad apps Development Companies

1. FireStarter– popular web Development Company

FireStarter, the first IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) launchpad, supports the DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Social Token projects on the Polygon network.

This platform gives a special chance for investors to participate in Metaverse-integrated initiatives at an early stage.

Its slogan is “Own the Future.” Building up IMO, emerging cryptocurrency projects utilize this platform to generate money, enabling the community to invest in what they think is going to be the next big thing.

The FireStarter platform is used by cryptocurrency projects for two main reasons. One benefit of this is that a brand-new, obscure project can expand its audience.

In keeping with this and the second reason, it enables the initiative to receive funding quickly—in a record amount of time, in fact.

The advantage for the investors, who may be anyone, is that they have early access to fundraising rounds and participation choices by purchasing $FLAME, FireStarter’s proprietary currency.

This encourages community-driven and culturally enhanced projects that draw users to the Metaverse.

Additionally, FireStarter uses influencers, famous people, and business partners to broaden the appeal of the cryptocurrencies they support. In other words, it uses culture to grow the user base of each project that it helped start.

2. BSCPad-one of the great mobile app development companies in Dubai

The BSCPad platform gives bitcoin projects a way to raise liquidity and distribute tokens. It serves as a platform for just, independent launching.

BSCPad intends to be the blockchain launchpad of the future that fixes the problems with staking. Due to an underlying issue, it is difficult for existing launch pads to join the ecosystem; even if you stake the tokens, the allocation slot is never guaranteed.

By facilitating fair launches and providing value to all token owners, this platform enables traders of all sizes to fund the most promising forthcoming Binance Smart Chain initiatives.

The two-round mechanism used by the BSCPad makes sure that each tier level gets an allocation.

They specialize in providing you with a distinctive strategy from ideation to execution through their industry-leading advising, investment, development, influencer marketing, and legal support services.

Small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and the government are just a few of the groups and users that BSCPad works with.

Today’s BSCPad market price is $2.25, and there were $8,050,962 in trades over the past 24 hours. 176 million BSCPad coins were produced, with 79 million being in use.

3. GameFi-best website Development Company       

GameFi is a fantasy gaming, gambling, lottery, PVP, and NFT marketplace e-sport environment.

GameFi wants to be a global platform where people from all over the world can communicate and play games together without any restrictions.

The only launchpad made specifically for games that aren’t chain-dependent. Customers become dissatisfied since the companies providing these services charge excessive prices.

This issue is what GameFi is trying to address by tokenizing the platform. Faster transactions and better executions are made possible by blockchains.

Due to its approximately 51 percent yield on stakes, GameFi is a highly unique kind of platform. To protect user data, it employs Solana blockchain technology. It will also be economical and have a lightning-fast user interface.

Blockchain technology is not often used in fantasy sports, therefore GameFi offers its fans a hassle-free experience. Players will enjoy a pleasant gameplay experience because GameFi will handle all the technological tasks.

To promote openness and fair gameplay, GameFi captures and shows each and every action taken during the game. GameFi accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment so that anyone can access a worldwide platform and play with ease.

4. Seedify-top web application development services

A DAO-driven seed-stage fund and a blockchain innovation hub called Seedify are both available.

It serves as a decentralized incubator and launchpad for the newest blockchain ecosystem developments.

The governance-driven community accomplishes this utilizing system for funding, participation, and feedback.

Any entrepreneur or innovator can submit their work to Seedify in order to receive community support for their initial funding.

Kucoin and Pancakeswap are the most recent and well-known marketplaces where you may purchase seed capital.

The Seedify launchpad gives emerging cryptocurrency start-ups a way to spread the word about their initiatives.

The key benefit for investors is that it gives them first access to new projects’ launch prices when they’re looking to raise money.

5. TrustPad-renowned web application development service Dubai and UK

A multi-chain decentralized fundraising tool called TrustPad enables businesses to solicit money while guaranteeing early-stage investors that their money will be secure.

It is yet another unique launchpad platform built on the blockchain of Binance. Additionally supported are Certik Skynet, Ethereum, MetaMask, Solana, Trust Wallet, and WalletConnect.

By reducing the friction caused by the existing platforms, the goal is to give users a completely integrated limit order experience.

Users have the option to execute in order to profit, creating a long-term ecosystem where novice traders can gain more knowledge about the processes that support transactions.

Enterprises, Small Businesses, Mid-Size Businesses, and Free Users can all use TrustPad.

Partners in the TrustPad project include Tokenova, Lupa X, GD10 Ventures, BlockSync Ventures, X21 Digital, Meridian Capital, Wealth Union, Twin Apex Capital, and 4SV.

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6. DAO Maker-top- rated application Development Company

A secure platform for start-up fundraising with a focus on retail is DAO Maker.

As a result of its evolution after its first debut, it now supports low turnout frameworks, enabling numerous retail investors and ordinary people to participate in venture capital.

Several internet trade platforms now provide DAO Maker. Coins can be acquired by purchasing Ethereum through any cryptocurrency exchange for fiat cash; it cannot be bought directly for fiat money.

This project reduces investment risks while developing growth technology and funding structures for enterprises.

This is a fantastic choice for anonymous projects trying to conduct an IDO and get in front of as many users as they can.

Platforms like MetaMask, 1inch, Ronin, WalletConnect, and Wanchain are all integrated with DAO Maker.

The DAO Maker price is currently $3.85, and there were $15,609,084 in trades over the previous day.

Within the past 24 hours, it has increased by 2.9 percent. A total of 278 million DAO coins are available, with 68 million currently in use.

7. Bounce– best web design and development agency

Anyone interested in constructing, connecting, accumulating, and trading different assets, tokens, and NFTs can use this decentralized auction solution. Bounce drives the ecosystem of auction products.

Multiple blockchains exist where bounce services are available, providing greater possibility, play, and potential. It gives you a variety of auction options, including Fixed swap, Sealed-bid, Dutch, and English auction.

This Ethereum-based currency is referred to as the native utility token and can be used for a number of things, including sustaining protocol incentives, paying for certified listings, and giving token holders on the platform governance rights as well as benefits.

A complete collection of tools for developers that make it simpler to take use of the advantages of decentralized auctions. The IDO for this project’s integrations with Ethereum, Kusama, MetaMask, Polkadot, and WalletConnect has been completed.

The current bounce price is $39.54, and there were $23,338,582 in trades during the past 24 hours. A total of 7.19 million AUCTION coins totaling 7.2 million are now in use.

8. PAID Network-Well-known mobile application development agency

The PAID Network is a decentralized application platform (DAPP) ecosystem built on the blockchain.

Users can design their own policies to guarantee payment. SMART Agreements, which are condensed commercial contracts that can be signed on-chain, were invented for the first time by PAID.

Intelligent auto-fill features are a part of standard contracts. Local stakeholders manage conflicts over escrow and insurance pooling.

PAID uses DeFi mechanisms like borrowing, lending, and insurance pooling in addition to the previously listed functionalities.

PAID holders have the option to loan out money for their business endeavors as well as deposit their tokens into liquidity pools for lending and insurance.

The November PAID Network market price as of right now is $0.493950, with an $872,755 24-hour trading volume. A total of 595 million PAID coins are available, with 120 million currently in use.

9. Starpunk-top mobile app developers

The goal of Starpunk, a brand-new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is to link blockchain/NFT gaming start-ups with a large player base and cryptocurrency investors.

To do this, it adheres to the Play-To-Earn methodology. Starpunk wants to serve as a springboard for the development of new NFT/Blockchain games.

Additionally, it aims to establish a virtual environment where anyone may play, earn money, and create anything they can dream up.

Starpunk is only working with top game studios in Vietnam in order to release the greatest NFT/Blockchain games.

When the game is complete, they will debut it on the Starpunk game launchpad to accelerate its promotion and raise its initial investment.

10. Red Kite-top web Design Company

There are numerous different launchpads on the market that can assist new cryptocurrency ventures in having successful launches.

One of the most recent arrivals into the launchpad and IDO sector is Red Kite. It is producing positive effects and assisting new cryptocurrency projects in getting off to the start they seek.

Red Kite is assisting investors in taking part in the new cryptocurrency ventures’ transparent token sales.

The most fundamental reason why new crypto ventures typically fail to generate a respectable quantity of funding is because of the subpar marketing strategies they employ.

The fear of scams is another factor that contributes. With the help of its marketing partners and influencers, Red Kite has established strong relationships that are helping to support new cryptocurrency ventures.

Red Kite’s projects go through a thorough screening to thwart future scams of any kind. Red Kite has a multi-chain support methodology; therefore it can handle both BSC and Ethereum pools.

It will soon support Polkadot and become the first Polkadot network platform with customizable pool types and white list requirements.


Here in this article, we describe the 10 best IDO Launchpad Development Companies in the USA, UK, Dubai, and UAE 2022. Regular investors now have access to opportunities that were previously exclusively open to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors thanks to launchpads.

But there are two good reasons to consider investing in a launchpad project. Your desire to access the projects is the first. The second is that you think people will value the launch pad’s native token. If our readers have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below.


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