10 Best Equipment Management & Maintenance Software 2022


Free Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software

The purpose of equipment tracking software is to maximize asset performance by ensuring that preventative maintenance is completed on time and that service orders are handled as effectively as possible. Among the crucial operations are:

Asset monitoring- determining the date of purchase, the projected lifespan, warranty details, costs, depreciation, and more for the equipment.

Tracking equipment—keeping meticulous documents, such as service histories, contracts, part and model numbers, etc.

Management of labor resources— they identify the labor resources required/used to carry out specific tasks, including their qualifications, availability, and pay rates.

They manage inventories, make ordering easier, and ensure that essential components are always available.

Managing work orders to make sure that unforeseen maintenance is completed swiftly and easily.

List of top heavy equipment tracking software

Free equipment maintenance tracking software
Free equipment maintenance tracking software

Name top 10 equipment management and maintenance software

  • ManWinWin
  • Intellect
  • eMaint CMMS
  • Proteus CMMS
  • LLumin
  • NetFacilities
  • I’mOnIt
  • ePAC
  • ManagerPlus
  • Champs

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Detail of 10 Best Equipment Management & Maintenance Software

Maintenance management system software

1. ManWinWin– top equipment maintenance management software

ManWinWin (CMMS) is hybrid maintenance management system software created to assist maintenance employees in tracking and maintaining assets and equipment from all industries, including manufacturing facilities, hospitals, retail stores, ports, and governmental buildings.

As well as decreasing expenses and equipment downtime. ManWinWin is a flexible, user-friendly, and straightforward solution for organizing and managing maintenance for any kind of asset.

Features: asset datasheets or dashboards that offer details about asset parts, locations, codes, vendor information, photos, a checklist of duties for maintenance workers to perform, and aids in tracking maintenance history for equipment assets.

Calendar for work orders and send user notifications

Define and create your own key performance indicators, such as the overall equipment indicator (OEE), mean time between failures (MTBF), and mean time to repair (MTTR).

Intellect-best equipment monitoring software

Intellect is Easy EH&S and Quality Management Software.

Experience how simple compliance can be with an EHSQ (Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality) solution from a market leader.

Discover why users continually rank Intellect as the best for:

  • Simple to use
  • Simplicity of application
  • Top-notch client service

2. Try The No-Code Ehsq Software From Intellect To Feel The Benefits

Intellect apps are ready to use right out of the box, or you may customize them to meet your specific company needs with our incredibly adaptable solution. In addition to adhering to FDA, ISO, EPA, and OSHA standards and regulations alter workflows to fit your operations. Gain insight into your high-quality data, hasten the process of decision-making and reach operational excellence.


EHSQ apps are ready to use right out of the box or you can quickly adapt the software without changing your internal processes.

• Using the Intellect No-Code Compliance Platform, you have the ability to change already-built apps or create brand-new apps.

• You can get assistance from our EHSQ specialists at any time or have changes made for you.


• Reduce duplication, lower production risk, and improve supplier and other document organization efficiency.

• Become more streamlined and effective when your company realizes what training and expertise it already possesses and what new competencies are needed.

• Customizable reports that give your users pertinent facts.

3. EMaint CMMS– popular work order management software

Using cloud-based eMaint CMMS software, maintenance personnel can monitor, gather, store, and share historical asset performance data, which they can utilize to maintain and prolong the life of their equipment. The system can be tailored to meet the demands of both multi-site maintenance operations and small or expanding enterprises.

Work order management, workflow improvement, inventory, and spare parts tracking, and automated preventive and predictive maintenance scheduling are all features of eMaint. Additionally, a member of the maintenance team can view the asset’s performance data remotely using a laptop, mobile phone, PC, or other smart device and automatically receives a notification if the state of the equipment changes.

4. Proteus CMMS– renowned supplies management software

For small, midsize, and large businesses in a variety of sectors, including the automotive, education, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, property management, retail, utilities, and airports, Proteus MMX offers a cloud-based maintenance management solution. Key characteristics include cost reduction, resource planning, inventory management, asset management, labor management, and more.

Users who utilize Proteus MMX can manage their return on investment by monitoring downtime, energy use, and costs, and supporting sustainability initiatives. Real-time data capturing, compliance management, energy monitoring, and reporting are further functions.

5. LLumin– best quality equipment preventive maintenance software

For industrial sites and buildings with significant infrastructure that wish to reduce output or unscheduled machine downtime, LLumin offers operational management software.

In major infrastructure facilities of any kind, LLumin’s operations software keeps an eye on assets, analyses real-time data, and relies on expert-based rules to take preemptive measures that reduce downtime and boost safety and compliance.

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6. NetFacilities– top-class manage maintenance of machine/ software management

Organizations can submit work orders and maintenance controls using the computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) capabilities offered by NetFacilities. The software combines elements to create a unified system for asset management, inventory control, and grounds maintenance. The web-based platform has mobile features that let users manage and follow work orders while they are out in the field. The process administration chores associated with the process are eliminated by the maintenance tool, which automates process operations.

Organizations can manage every aspect of maintenance, including preventative and predictive maintenance, with NetFacilities. The program creates a single network that connects all locations, structures, employees, and suppliers.

7. I’mOnIt– one of the popular construction equipment management

For businesses looking for an internal maintenance solution, I’mOnIt! Equipment and facilities maintenance and compliance system is a computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS). Automatic job scheduling, work order and part control, cost and activity capture and analytical reporting are some of the key features.

The current client served by I’mOnIt spans a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, construction, logistics, utility services, casinos, colleges, elder institutions, and marinas. Its email features enable businesses to reach a wider audience and monitor the interaction.

8. EPAC-best maintenance repairs software

Work order management, preventative maintenance, asset management, scheduling, and materials management are all offered by the EAM/CMMS package known as ePAC. On-premises deployments using Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and SQL Express are also possible. Users can travel between the product modules to oversee the upkeep of plants and halls thanks to the solution.

Plant managers can setup ePAC with user-defined fields, create layouts for individuals or groups, personalise interfaces, and add additional sites for operations management. Through the solution, users can export the data, link documents, or add hyperlinks. By craft or trade, technicians can be tracked and arranged. Users can also follow technicians’ certificates.

9. ManagerPlus– top in the list of maintenance tracking system

To assist managers and maintenance specialists in getting the most out of their assets and machinery, ManagerPlus is a potent enterprise asset management program. A variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining, fleet, agribusiness, and more, find ManagerPlus to be the perfect platform due to its adaptability.

Users can manage work orders, check inventory levels, automate maintenance schedules, report on trends, and examine or analyze work histories for each asset. When maintenance is due, when a work order is finished, and for other time-sensitive events, ManagerPlus can send tailored notifications to personnel.

10. Champs– leading asset maintenance management software

CHAMPS provides CMMS/EAM capability to mid-size and enterprise-level businesses in the CMMS and enterprise asset management arena. These businesses may improve the lifecycle of their capital assets with the use of asset and maintenance management systems from CHAMPS.

CHAMPS provides a range of adaptable modules, from purchase to maintenance, repairs, replacement, and ultimately disposal of these assets. Users can arrange the apps in the system in a way that best suits their needs at the time, with the option to grow as their maintenance and asset management requirements change.

Conclusion- Here in this article, the industry future describes the top 10 equipment maintenance tracking software. We create a unique list of the top maintenance management program. We hope that it will help you to understand which is more suitable for you. If our viewers have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. For getting instant updates about industries please subscribe to our website https://www.theindustryfuture.com/  by simply adding your email address.


What do you understand by Equipment Management & Maintenance Software?

The purpose of equipment tracking software is to maximize asset performance by ensuring that preventative maintenance is completed on time and that service orders are handled as effectively as possible.


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